We Looked into The New Multi-Vitamins Being Marketed to Cannabis Users

Cannabis is a great plant that helps people in so many different ways. Yet, depending on the method of consumption, dosage, and timing, some people experience a number of negative symptoms after using cannabis, these could include lack of energy and motivation, loss of focus and concentration, brain fog, short term memory issues, and a feeling of tiredness.

Over 50% of consumers reported these symptoms in a 2017 Health Canada study. The side effects are more pronounced in consumers who use edibles, dab extracts, or over-consume strong strains. While there is no hangover from weed in a traditional sense of the word, some people call this condition the “weed hangover”.

So while the benefits of cannabis outweigh these symptoms, there is an opportunity to enhance the cannabis experience by alleviating these symptoms. Thats the opportunity that Livli Supplements spotted.

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A Quick Primer on THC and Your Body 

THC gets stored in fat deposits in various organs and remains in the body for days, or even for weeks and months (in moderate to heavy users) after consumption. THC interacts with the endocannabinoid system, which regulates all major functions including brain activity, metabolism, and immune system by attaching to cannabinoid receptors throughout the body. This prevents naturally occurring endocannabinoids from regulating bodily functions and creates an imbalance in the organism and in some cases, disallows the body to function at the peak performance.

Weed Hangover Vs Alcohol Hangover

I would also like to highlight that we should differentiate between weed hangover and alcohol hangovers. These are completely different phenomena and affect the body in different ways. The symptoms of the so called “weed hangover” are mostly mental and less painful, while an alcohol hangover is mostly physical and characterized by strong headaches, dehydration, liver intoxication, and nausea.

I am not surprised that in states where cannabis is legal, consumers are switching to cannabis and alcohol sales are dwindling. Cannabis is becoming a product of choice and one of the reasons is that it has no alcohol-like hangovers. Having said that, if you were able to alleviate some of the potential cannabis after-effects, would you? Livli is betting that you would.

Livli Proactive Care Daily Multivitamins for Cannabis Use

Livli Proactive care is a daily multivitamin that has been formulated with cannabis users in mind. It is different from other products on the market because it contains all the regular vitamins people normally take (eg. Vitamin B), but also a number of herbs specifically intended for cannabis consumers. It aims to optimize your cannabis experience by enabling users to stay focused and energized and to perform at their peak. Taken daily, the product accumulates beneficial effects to mitigate cannabis after-effects that some consumers may experience. Livli is non-GMO and contains only natural ingredients, organic herbs, and all the claims are approved by Health Canada. 

Dmitri Boudovitch, CEO of Folium Labs (makers of Livli Supplements) tells us that the idea for the product came about around a year ago. “We came across anecdotal reporting from a number of users that cannabis consumption may entail certain after-effects. For example, some of my friends who do martial arts have to resort to nootropics to remain focused and motivated in order to train the following day after cannabis consumption” He explains, “Others, using cannabis on a regular basis for medical purposes, complained about a feeling of being constantly tired. We looked deeper into the issue and uncovered a 2017 Health Canada study that confirmed  66% of cannabis users reported various after-effects of cannabis use ranging from anxiety to memory issues.” 

In the fall 2018 after cannabis legalization in Canada, Boudovitch and his team surveyed over 1500 recreational consumers across different provinces and got results similar to the 2017 Health Canada study – 58% of recreation consumers agreed that cannabis consumption has some drawbacks. Interviews with focus groups in Montreal and Toronto confirmed their findings.

What sort of medical research went into the creation of the product? Are there any side effects/possible side effects?

Dmitri explains that he assembled a team of scientists, including PhDs in Biochemistry and Naturopathic Doctors, and looked thoroughly at how cannabis is processed in the body, which organs and bodily functions are involved, and which effects take place at each touch point where cannabis is passing within the body. 

“That gave us a solid understanding of what the product needs to address and what pain points to tackle. Our science team identified the ingredients that would provide the sought after benefits.” Boudovitch says, “All our ingredients have monographs with Health Canada and we made sure that they are fully backed by science and their efficacy had been proved in various studies.”

In early 2019 Livli conducted patient trials with one of the largest pharmacy chains in Canada, and over 70% of users reported various improvements over a 4 week use, including increase in energy levels, memory, concentration, motivation, and lower stress levels.

How can people buy it and are there any legal concerns? Do you ship worldwide?

Customers can buy Livli Proactive Care multivitamin on website www.livelivli.com on Amazon US.  

Livli Multivitamin consists of well-known natural ingredients and does not have any major side effects. Yet, consumers should consult a health care practitioner if pregnant, breast-feeding, taking any medication or other supplements, have digestive issues, or diagnosed with a medical condition.