Single? Here's Six Tips for Surviving Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone but it’s a nice reminder that people are putting love out into the world. No matter your relationship status, it’s a good reminder that you are worthy of love and belonging - even if you don’t ‘belong’ to anyone romantically, speaking. (Important Editor’s note: no one belongs to anyone, but for the context of the article, let’s look at this as a from a free-spirited perspective).

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the commercialized idea of Valentine’s Day and quickly cross it off the list of things that spark joy. Why not repurpose this sappy love day to put the focus back on YOU? I mean, let’s be honest: it’s not your job to make everyone else happy. You’re not a blunt.

Practice self love

Take the time to do something for yourself that you wouldn’t normally do, like splurge on some luxury bath soap, bath bombs and epsom salts for the best bathing experience of the year. Break out the candles, crystals, sage, crack open a face mask and sprinkle some THC oil for good measure to soothe your achy muscles and revive your soul.

Host a potluck with friends

Trade Valentine’s Day for Galentine’s Day and invite a few of your closest. Sprinkle some weed on it and make it a party! We do love a good charcuterie board and any excuse to get the crew together is fair in our books.

Check in on your loved ones

This is the day of love, after all. Why not call someone you hold dear but haven’t had the chance to chat with in a while. Surely, they would appreciate it and it’s a great excuse to catch up.

Donate to a charity

Money can’t buy happiness but it can go to a good cause - and that’s close enough in our books. Choose an organization that resonates with your values and send them some love. If you’re looking for a recommendation, check out Cannabis Amnesty.

Take yourself out on a date

Explore a new restaurant, take a yoga class or why not combine both? We get so wrapped up in the everyday eat-work-sleep shuffle that taking a few hours for ourselves doesn’t happen very often.


When all else fails, rub one out. Besides, this could be a great opportunity to take that new cannalube you’ve been saving for a test drive. Besides, if you’re feeling ambitious enough to complete the first 5, the least you can do is check off this box as well. Treat yourself, babes!