Toronto’s Craft Beer Festival to Replace Smoker's Lounge With A Cannabis Lounge

The Toronto Craft Beer Festival plans to incorporate cannabis into its yearly celebration of Craft Beer through a collaboration with Kensington Market mainstay HotBox Cafe. Over 10,000 people from across North America are expected to attend the Craft Beer Festival at Ontario Place June 21st-23rd.

History in the Making

This event will make history as the first time a legal cannabis “consumption” patio is made accessible at a provincial event.

“We want to offer people a place to come down from the beer. You don’t have to consume cannabis to experience our creative, chill and vibrant POTio,” said Abi Roach founder of HotBox Holdings and owner/operator of HotBox Cafe. “We want to educate people on what cannabis is and how to consume it safely, especially around alcohol.”

A Spot to Chill

Ontario Place’s current smokers lounge will get a weekend facelift to accommodate the crowd, and ensure proper safety and health codes are followed while attendees of legal age enjoy an alcohol and tobacco-free experience. There will also be experienced representatives working the POTio ensuring attendees are educated on the various ways to safely consume cannabis, a necessary and valuable educational experience for both seasoned and curious cannabis consumers.