Three Occasions Less is More with Cannabis

It’s difficult to generalise when it comes to weed because it affects us all differently. A number of factors, such as metabolism, body weight and tolerance levels, need to be considered when we talk about an individual's personal threshold.

What is low for one person, might be high for the next, and while finding your sweet spot can be a challenge, it’s also a good opportunity to have some fun with experimentation.
Even so, there are a few instances where generalisations can be applied, particularly if you’re consuming for a specific purpose. So whatever your threshold may be, here are three activities where less is definitely more with cannabis.


Working out high

For some time now there have existed, on the fringes, athletes who have openly used cannabis as part of their training and recovery routines. More recently, the shift in the acceptance of the plants medicinal attributes in the mainstream has revealed an even greater number of professionals and amateur athletes openly consuming cannabis for their workouts, a trend that is on the rise.

Yet optimal dosage is important when it comes to using it as part of your exercise routine, and safely at that. Cannabis in high doses can impair your motor function and coordination, it may increase anxiety, and in my case, it might make you feel so good that you wind up having a picnic in the park instead of doing sprints.

In fact, it took me three goes before i got the whole elevated workout concept figured out, and another few to start to recognise the benefits. Suffice to say the average person won’t be having five bong hits and getting in a stellar workout sesh in.

For more tips on cannabis and fitness, check out our Sessions podcast episode ‘The difference between medicine and poison is dosage’, with Bethany Rae of Flower & Freedom and Lane Britnell, cannabis strength and fitness coach.


Have you ever been at a party in your youth - or more recently, no judgement - and had a few tokes of a joint after downing a couple of alcoholic beverages? I have, and it rarely ends well.

The combination of alcohol and cannabis actually has a name, it’s called crossfading, and while somewhat controversial, it’s my favorite way of consuming cannabis. But be warned, there is an art to it.

The key to a good crossfade is moderation, of both booze and weed. For me, a glass of red wine and a few tokes of my vape pen and i am feeling good. It’s both relaxing and pleasantly social, and in my opinion, far better for my health. That’s right, my HEALTH.

Think about it, a glass of wine containing resveratrol, has long been said to have health benefits, including better brain and heart function, alongside anti-ageing properties, and we already know the myriad of benefits of the cannabis plant. I might crossfade as a midweek wind down, or if I’m getting down on the dance floor, but I don’t feel like nursing a nasty hangover the next day.

As I said, things can go south very quickly when you’re not paying attention and once you pass the threshold, oh boy is it downhill from there.

Back home, in Australia we have a saying, “beer before grass you’re on your ass, grass before beer you’re in the clear”, let that serve as a reminder to stay away from weed if you’ve already had a few.



Weed is without a doubt the best ‘love drug’ ever produced by mother nature, particularly for women. It’s a great addition to your sex life, serving as an aphrodisiac and pleasure enhancer to boot. With pleasure in mind, it should be noted that the line is rather fine when it comes to getting high and being intimate.

A 2017 study found that close to 70 percent of women reported that cannabis enhanced their sexual experiences, while 16 percent said it ruined them.

My guess is that some, if not all of the 16 percent went a bit gung-ho on the doobie, lord knows I’ve been there. While i’ve had some wondrous bedroom romps while high, I’ve also had dozens, literally more than I can count, instances where I underestimated how much I was consuming and completely lost interest in being intimate.
The science behind the relationship with cannabis and sex is still evolving, however cannabis is known to heighten sensation, contributing to increased pleasure and more intense orgasms. Another reason lies in its anxiolytic properties, effectively lowering anxiety and resulting in more relaxation and increased lubrication. Hallelujah!

Yet considering the biphasic properties of cannabis, while in low doses it might have a pleasant effect, it is also well known for inducing anxiety and paranoia when over consumed. So it’s only logical that less is definitely more when it comes to weed in the bedroom.

It’s a good idea to remember that cannabis is a highly individual plant and the optimal way to consume will vary based on your personal requirements and intentions.