This CBD Infused Oral Spray Promises to Improve Your Sexual Health

The Karezza family of products is focused on CBD-infused botanical formulations that support adult sexual health and wellness using organic CBD sourced from US Farm Bill hemp.

Recently we received a bottle of the Women’s Daily Plant Based Sexual Wellness Supplement, a sublingual spray designed to promote better sexual health and intimate experiences with organic hemp-based, full-spectrum CBD alongside more “traditional” herbs like fenugreek, nettle and raspberry leaf.

Obviously we had to take it for a test drive.


The Product Details



Directions: Take 3 sprays daily for sexual wellness support!

Price: $39.95 for 5 mg or approximately 30 doses

Day One:

I am impressed with the childproof spray bottle. It’s a well designed pump spray that took me a hot minute to figure out how to access. Eventually I removed the child safety tab and unlocked the spray. I appreciate it very much when a brand takes the time and puts in the effort to create responsible packaging, be it environmentally friendly or safety focused.

My first impression is that this stuff isn’t the tastiest, but it’s also not the worst so while I’m not complaining, I felt I had to mention it. I don’t know how to describe the flavour… It’s “herbally” and a bit like a medicine. I’ve taken fenugreek in the past, in the form of steeped tea and I found the flavour to be very distinct. I think this is what I’m tasting here. It could also be the lemon essential oil and the stevia too.

I am thrilled at the inclusion of Raspberry Leaf, which I am a HUGE fan of. I call it the Women’s Herb as its known to cause uterine contractions (and as such should not be consumed during the first trimester of pregnancy) and is a fabulous tool for period cramps and I’ve also read that the tannins can help strengthen the uterus and by extension be beneficial in mitigating heavy or irregular flow, but absolutely, 100% be sure to check with your doctor before attempting to treat anything with Raspberry Leaf or other ‘medicinal’ herbs.

Day Three:

The intense herbal flavour still surprises every morning when I take my three sprays under the tongue. I kinda like it, kinda feel like a kid taking my medicine. Either way I’m really glad it doesn’t taste like artificial cherries or bubble gum or anything like that.

The information on the website claims that the spray uses 5 mg of “nanotized” CBD. In case you’re wondering what that means, I looked it up, because I was wondering what that meant too.

I learned that it simply means an extreme reduction in size. Ok cool, got it. The Karezza website says “Key ingredient CBD hemp oil is manufactured using a proprietary nanotizing process to allow for efficacious products and up to 95% bioavailabilty in the body.”

So at a much, much smaller size the CBD particles will be better and/or faster absorbed into the body. Sublingual sprays are known for delivering therapeutic doses that are absorbed quickly too so it seems Karezza is making an effort to produce a product that my body will optimize quickly and easily.

Day Five:

“Karezza range works to ease the stresses of everyday, decrease fatigue and set up the body for intimate experiences, while also enhancing and improving those sexual experiences.”- The Website

I haven’t turned into a wanton woman, ready at all times for action but that’s probably for the best and likely not the goal with this product.

I do feel generally pretty good and when BAE gave me that look last night I was game, even though I had had a very long day and was pretty wiped. Is that the effect of the spray? Maybe.

Karezza co-founder Ryan Rocca said in an emailed statement: “Our three formulas not only aim to better every day wellness while setting users up for optimal sexual health, they also work to enhance sexual experiences. Who can’t benefit from better sex -- or decreases in fatigue and stress?” He’s not wrong, I can definitely benefit from better sex and less stress.

Karezza makes three separate formulations: The Women’s Daily Supplement that I’ve been taking all week, a Men’s Daily which is designed to help his body’s systems to align so he can have better intimate experiences too (because men deserve great sex too) and In the Moment, “a synergistic blend of traditional arousal-enhancing botanicals”.

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