There's an Oral Fluid Test to Detect Cannabis

With recreational cannabis now legal in Canada, Alco Prevention Canada, a Health Canada licensed distributor for medical devices and supplier of breath alcohol and drug testing products, has launched Cannabis Verdict, a new oral fluid test to detect cannabis. Cannabis Verdict is said to be a tool designed to provide you with a quick and accurate method for self-evaluation which would, in turn, help prevent traffic accidents.


Impaired driving is the leading criminal cause of death and injury in Canada. Additionally, with the legalization of recreational cannabis now a reality, workplace impairment as an occupational health and safety issue is of increasing concern. Cannabis Verdict aims to provide easy detection of recent use by measuring the THC (Δ9-THC) presence in saliva and reacting positively as soon as the concentration of THC exceeds 20ng / ml of salvia.

According to Stephane Maurais, General Manager of Alco Prevention Canada, "What's really important is what happens before and after the test. Our role is educational and preventive and we try to create a dialogue with consumers, particularly in businesses. Cannabis Verdict is the first oral fluid self-test that is very easy to use and provides immediate results. It represents a great step forward for prevention."

The Cannabis Verdict test comes with a questionnaire to educate consumers regarding cannabis use and is currently available in several drugstores (Uniprix, Familiprix) or at

This isn’t a test that will be administered by police after you’ve been pulled over or suspected of impaired driving. This is an at-home self evaluation so that Canadians who consume cannabis can self administer and make informed choices around impairment. So the question is: Would you test your blood/THC limit before getting behind the wheel?