The Real Reason MMA Fighters Love CBD

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Post-match and post-training recovery is especially important in contact sports because of the great physical strain athletes undergo. That is why recent years have bared witness to the rise of use CBD among MMA fighters. CBD or Cannabidiol is a form of cannabis that has no psychoactive content. This derivative of the famous/infamous plant is used in treating inflammation, as well as pain so it is no wonder that MMA fighters have come crazy about it. But is CBD good for them and does it deliver on the promise of a painless career?

Getting high … on adrenaline

Like we stated earlier, CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive ingredients so you cannot get “high” or “stoned” by using it. In other words, the main effect of this substance is not intoxication but the use of its analgesic properties. Nonetheless, the introduction of CBD did not go unnoticed by the press and it stirred up a lot of controversy.

For the fighters however, there is zero doubt, as they firmly believe that the therapeutical effect of CBD aids their recovery and the story ends there, at least for them. The World Anti-Doping Agency had also changed the guidelines on CBD last year so fighters can now use the derivative indiscriminately. The ban on CBD’s chemical “twin brother” THC still remains because of the psychoactive effects it produces.

Coping with the pressure

One has to ask the question why MMA fighters would enter the whole conundrum surrounding the use of CBD. Well, living in and off the lauded octagon is not a walk in the park because MMA has seen its fair share of serious life-threatening injuries. The most dangerous kind of injuries are the blows to the head that have the potential to leave permanent neurological damage. In some cases, even paralysis is a real danger after years of repeated hits to the head. When you add the intensity of a typical training session fighters must go through it becomes clear why they want to avoid pain so desperately.

How does CBD work?

The process of neurodegeneration the fighters are exposed to all the time can be reversed by CBD. This is achieved through deepening the sleep, i.e. giving the body a chance to rest more effectively, recuperate, and cope with the blows of the previous day. This way, muscles get more time and power to regenerate which increases stamina and durability over time. The biggest flaw of traditional recovery treatments is the fact that they take forever to yield any tangible results.

As far as CBD is concerned, not only does it quite literally create miracles overnight but is has the side-effect of relieving pain. Although MMA fighters are tough, they too are struggling to cope with constant soreness and pain, so the analgesic effect of CBD is something they appreciate a great deal. In fact, other martial arts, on which you can learn more at Fighting Report blog, can also benefit from the effects CBD produces. Any athlete that has sustained a serious injury has probably taken CBD treatment into consideration.

Getting hooked on CBD

The psychological effect CBD has can be attributed to the fact that it’s classified as a neuroprotectant. Furthermore, the antioxidant properties of cannabinoids actively help reduce oxidative stress generated in the brain. Not only will feel more relaxed but you will age slower as well. But can fighters get hooked on CBD, thus ruining their career because of drug addiction?

First of all, CBD is a drug like no other. Apart from its destressing properties, it comes with anti-addiction traits that will not create a lasting desire to take CBD. In other words, the strong dependency on medications in fighters is not relevant to the intake of CBD because it doesn’t create an addition. This is just one argument more for those who are prop CBD use in MMA.

The risks involved

Unlike like conventional drugs and other opioids, the risks of taking CBD are close to non-existent. However, unless you want to become that 1% exception, be sure to stick to the recommended dosages. Taking too much of the stuff can lead to drowsiness, the urge to go to sleep, and dry mouth condition. These are not real effects of an overdose because technically, there is no such thing as an overdose when it comes to CBD. Even the World Health Organization recently ruled that this compound has virtually no potential for abuse. However, as we are facing an increasing number of MMA fighters taking the supplement, scientists and doctors are yet to discover all the side-effects of taking CBSD over a prolonged period.

Having described the traits that CBD has, it is more than clear why MMA fighters love it so much. Who wouldn’t like to feel less pain and be more rested on a daily basis? That is why the future of martial arts will probably raise the stigma from CBD and turn this substance into a standard part of post-match recovery treatment.