The Modern Host and The New Normal; Cannabis Offerings

By: Andrew Freedman; The Cannabis Sommelier

A glass of wine is so easily offered as any guest is welcomed into your home. A cheese plate, a cocktail, another glass of chardonnay - it all seems so normal. But the new normal should include cannabis.

If you are planning on hosting a great party than you should consider having some cannabis on hand for your guests. Like a red or white, gin or vodka, doesn’t it make sense to have the intoxicant your guest prefers?


Having cannabis at a party will be common place in the coming years, normalizing its consumption starts now. How can we ever end the stigma of cannabis if forever we are banished to the garage or backyard to smoke prehistoric joints.

A great host may want to offer a vaporizer for cannabis. Being able to consume cannabis through vaporization, only tasting and smelling the essential oils is much more pleasant, not to mention does not come with the lingering odour.

You may be amazed how well a glass of riesling or chardonnay goes with a cannabis strain like papaya or strawberry banana, opening up a whole new possibility of party games and experiments. Pairing cannabis with wine correctly can increase the pleasure of the drink ten fold. Creating extremes of flavours one could never imagine, adding another element to the dinner party. What else makes eating so much more pleasurable?!

A great host will be prepared to meet the needs of any guest, pinot noir and pipe in hand, ready to greet you at the door with whichever you  prefer.