The First Date: How to Bring Up Cannabis

If you're going out on a date with someone you might already know where they stand on weed but ... What if you don't know? What if it hasn't come up? Should you broach the subject on the first date? How do you mention it casually? 


It's not unreasonable to think that your super cute Tinder date might like to partake, after all something like 49% of Americans admit to having tried cannabis and it is the most commonly used of all the illicit drugs in the USA... But what if you bring it up and you smoking is a deal breaker for them? I think if someone I was seeing didn't at least appreciate cannabis as a valuable plant it would be a deal breaker for me.

So let's strategize some subtle ways to bring it up and test the waters when you find yourself getting cozy with someone who may not be able to hang.

Tip Toe into the Topic

Under cover of polite dinner conversation bring up the legalization effort. If your date is in favour of legalization you'll find out pretty quickly with this topic. If he or she is vehemently against cannabis legalization you have a pretty good idea of whether or not they want to hot box your car later.

Alternatively, you can mention that you recently saw a video that showed a Parkinson's patient try medical cannabis and see some relief. If your date responds positively there's a good chance they can at least see the medicinal value. Take this as a sign to move the conversation toward the joys of recreational use. 

By the way, if you haven't seen the video we're talking about, you can see it here, try not to cry: 

A little Less subtle

Ask them if you can borrow a lighter. If they have a lighter it's a good sign they smoke, just double check to see if they smoke weed by peeping the bottom of the lighter. If you see resin or ash you know you've found a winner! Note: Be prepared to be honest about what you want this lighter for... Unless you also smoke cigarettes in which case you can claim that was your goal all along. 

Another less than subtle approach: Invite them to a 4/20 event. Unless they live under a rock I'm sure they'll pick up what you're throwing down here. 

You Do You


Ideally you can get to the bottom of this mystery just by asking straight out: "Do you want to smoke a joint?" Games and innuendo are silly (unless you live in an illegal state, in that case, I get it) and open and honest communication is always the best approach to any relationship. If your date isn't into smoking/doesn't mind if you are and you don't mind smoking on your own it's probably not a big deal.

You should take some time though to identify what matters most to you in a partner. Do you want your romantic partner to also be your sesh buddy? If so, you should probably prioritize that and be sure to be confident in your own desires. Take a moment to think about what is most important to you and how you see your future playing out. Ask yourself what you want in a partner then refuse to settle for less. 

If you do fall for someone who isn't into weed, remember these tips for a happy healthy love:

  • Be respectful of their wishes. Don't try to pressure them into doing something they don't want to do.

  • Be polite and ask them if they mind if you spark one up when you're together. It's a nice gesture.

  • Help them learn about the plant and why its so amazing. Tell them about how it helps cancer patients, chronic pain sufferers and helps you sleep better at night. 
  • If you're worried they have a negative view of stoners, show them how great being friends with a stoner is! Don't be the stereotype eating Cheetos on the couch - go out and live!