Stop Looking, We've Found the Perfect Gift For Mom

Does mom medicate or kick back with cannabis? Does she also like to (or maybe just wants to) grow her own weed? If your mom has a budding green thumb you have to see The Armoire which is a revolutionary new bio-chamber designed to fit discreetly into your home's decor. Please note, should you decide to purchase one we will receive a small commission. 

Why We Like It

It's rustic but chic, it's small but sturdy and it's lightweight but can easily accommodate a small garden and even promises a yield of 1/4 lb in only 60 days. If you live in a an apartment and don't have access to a garden this is a great alternative to some of the more utilitarian grow chambers and tents that are currently available. 

You can even choose from 4 different wood finishes to customize the look and ensure its a perfect fit for your home (or office? I see this living in the Her(B) Life headquarters for sure!) 

Why We Love It

The Armoire is plug & play, can be shipped almost anywhere and requires minimal setup. Although designed specifically to grow legal auto-flowering cannabis, organically grown tomatoes and other plants can do quite well in our BioChamber - so you know, options

The Armoire BioChamber comes with everything you need to start growing right away except the seed and water. The manufacturers provide a special proprietary light, fans, pot, soil, nutrients, meters, camera and more making this an ideal choice for the novice at home grower. The Armoire is safe too, meaning it runs cool, and the entire system is tuned for low heat and low electrical usage.

A peek Inside    The Armoire

A peek Inside The Armoire

The cost of the complete system is cheaper than creating your own tent system and having to buy all the pieces individually and put them together properly. After almost 5 years of prototyping and a test run with the factory production, the company is now in the manufacturing stage and are taking reservations for the first batch of units off the line. Price-wise, its clocks in around $999 USD with a $600 deposit which is decent for what it is and when you consider how much you spend at the dispensary every week. 

Basically, we love this and want one for ourselves and we're hoping that certain people (hint hint) take the hint and order one for us for Mother's Day (HINT HINT).

Check out Green Goddess Supply, the company that makes The Armoire on Instagram for more images and info and if you order one for yourself or for mom tell us what you think!