Stoner Infused Date Night Ideas

So you and your partner both partake in cannabis, and now you want to incorporate that into a fun date night. Well, you’re in luck! I have created a few date night ideas that are anything but Netflix and Chill.

Dispensary Hop

This can be an overlooked date option, but if you live in a area with recreational cannabis, or you and your partner have medical cards then check out some spots that you haven’t been to before. Now, thanks to Wikileaf and WeedMaps you can search for the top dispensaries in your area and also check out their menu. I personally love to do this when I’m in search of a specific kind of cannabis or extract, or I’m just trying to find something extra dank.

You and your partner can each pick a site, either WeedMaps, Wikileaf or both, then search dispensaries in your area. From there, you can check out their menus and see what goodies they have to offer. Remember, it’s always fun to try something new, and a great idea to ask your budtender what their favorites are, they’ll tend to know what the dankest stuff on the shelf is. After you’ve checked out a few dispensaries in person and have grabbed all your goodies, it’s off to the fun part… trying all the danks you got, together! You may want to end this date however at the food place of your choice, something tells me after trying all the types of cannabis you get, the munchies may come on.

Edible Night

Yummm…. Edibles. Personally, my second favorite way to get high right behind extracts.

What’s fun about this night is, it can be however you plan it to be! Want to do dinner and a movie? You got it!  Or maybe go to a concert? Go for it! Even an art show?! Get out there babe, you got this! All you need is a delicious edible and a cab/uber driver.  

If you are fairly new to edibles here is a little advice:

The great part about edibles is the extended high, they tend to last a couple hours depending on your body. However, they also take longer to get you high. It’s good to remember, edibles take about an hour until the cannabis is metabolized and will give you that high effect. Be cautious though because edibles can also take up to 2 hours until you feel an effect, for this reason people can eat too much because they think the edible didn’t work when in fact it just takes a little while. If you want to try and speed up your waiting time until the desired effect, 30 minutes after you eat the edible, eat a small snack. This will speed up your metabolism and help the cannabinoids get into your bloodstream more quickly. Also, if you are new to edibles or don’t know your milligram dosage, start small. Oregon recommends 5mg for those who haven’t tried edibles, so if it’s your first time, I’d say 10mg max will be more than enough.

Dab Bar

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Yes please!! If you are lucky enough to live in a area with legal on-site consumption, and you have one of these bad babes in your area, take full advantage! As I’ve said previously, extracts are my top choice for getting high! That being said, this is definitely my date of choice.

For those who aren’t sure what a dab bar is, it is a bar where you can consume cannabis on-site. Most, but not all dab bars will have rigs and e-nails to use but are strictly bring your own cannabis. This will vary depending on your state or province and even from bar to bar, so if you are planning on checking out your local dab bar, make sure you call ahead to learn their rules and any local laws.

So splurge on that extra dank gram of extract and treat yo self and yo partner to a great night out! I’m personally a sucker for any extract with Tangie in it, so if you can find one, I highly recommend a Tangie extract with some low temperature dabs.

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Blind Date

Alright, this one is super fun and another one of my favorites! So here’s how it works:

Pick 4 or 5 strains with a high terpene profile (really stanky). Preferably ones that are very different in smell. Have your budtender label them, but cover the labels with receipt paper so you don’t know which strain is which. Now, for date night, have a print out of most common terpenes in cannabis, Leafly has a pretty good guide on their website for this. Next, grab a piece of paper and pen so you can track your guesses for each container. [Side note: it will be helpful to label each container] Now, you and your partner will try to guess which strain is which for each container based off their terpene profile, how they look and taste. You should even try the cannabis at this point and see how they each affect you! This can be fun all on it’s own and is awesome because it helps the user learn more about cannabis and cannabis terpenes. Once all your educated guesses are in, unveil the jars to see if you were right or at least were able to pull out specific terpenes!

Sexy Sexy Stoners

Have a normal date night, or skip the date all together and cozy up in bed with some cannabis infused lubricant. There are a couple different kinds, and all have amazing reviews! (Editor's note: Check out our profile of Pleasure Peaks, a company that makes infused lubes and hosts tantric getaways) I’ve heard some folks in Colorado calling these lubes the 20 minute orgasm guru. Doesn’t that sound great?!

Cannabis lubricant can be infused with just a regular cannabis oil or RSO. For lubricant that is infused with RSO, there tends to also be some amazing health benefits. I’ve heard stories of it helping massively with endometriosis and that it also works great for when you’re on your menstrual cycle! All in all, it sounds like a miracle worker! So give it a try, and let us know if it’s as big of a hit as others claim.

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