Stay High and Give Back

Too many families in Canada don’t have enough food. According to Food Banks Canada, in 2016, over 850,000 people in Canada used food banks and of that number 35.6% were children. Overall, that’s an increase of 28% since 2008!


If someone struggles to put food on the table, using a therapeutically beneficial substance like cannabis often isn’t an option or becomes an even greater hardship (medical cannabis prescriptions can be quite pricey and are not yet covered the way other medication is).

The creators behind Stay High Stickers wanted to find a way to bring food and cannabis together and give back to their community.

Margaret, the woman behind the fun, pro-cannabis stickers knows how difficult it can be to make ends meet. She was a young mother who went back to university with toddlers at home and found herself struggling and occasionally needing to use food banks herself. As Margaret points out; "It’s easy to forget there are a lot of hardworking people who have to use food banks on a regular basis in order to feed their families."

Now she sees an opportunity to give back with Stay High Stickers. With legalization in Canada just around the corner the stigma surrounding cannabis use is beginning to wan and more Canadians are comfortable putting a weed themed sticker on their mugs or laptops. 


For every sticker sold, a portion of each sale will be donated to those experiencing hunger in Canada so every time you look at your weather resistant, durable and colourful sticker you will be reminded that you helped to feed a family in Canada.