Trying Out Slo Rolls; Slow Your Roll

Sponsored by Slo Rolls

Today we're trying out a new product from the all female (natch) team at Slo Rolls. Slo Rolls is a honey based natural adhesive paste designed to slow down the burn and prevent canoeing. The company is launching this spring and we got a sneak peek at the goods so we can tell you all about it. 

Image via  @officialslorolls
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To use, simply squeeze out a small dot of the paste and use the tip of the applicator to spread the paste on your paper or cigar. I liked that the paste came out easily enough but wasn't so sticky and thin that it would leak and make a mess. With a sticky honey-based product like this, the potential for a mess or a dry and plugged up applicator is huge but this paste has a nice consistency and I don't think leaks will be an issue.

The first thing I did was taste it.

It looks and smells like honey so I couldn't resist a little taste test and I'm here to tell you it's tasty as heck. Even though I liked it, I was a little worried that it would flavour my weed and while I know some of you like adding a purpleberry kick or some other fruit flavour to your blunt I'm more a fan of the classic taste you get with good old fashioned weed. I didn't want to taste this. 

Aaaaaand, I didn't! My joint had no discernible honey or sweet flavour when I smoked it but I could smell it a little bit and that was actually nice.

Image via  @officialslorolls

I watched it burn and it didn't produce any weird smoke or bubbles and my joint definitely didn't canoe which is really great. Do you suffer from canoeing? When one side of my joint burns faster than the other side this is usually due to moisture and often leads to someone licking their finger and wetting the joint to slow the burn and let's be honest, that's kinda gross, no?

No More Tears and Holes

If you're prone to tearing your papers or if you miss a stem and it pokes out mid-session Slo Rolls can fix the paper easily. No need to peel a super skinny strip off your rollie to act as a band-aid for your doobie. This salve fixes everything.

I spoke to Christine, one of the founders and asked what inspired her to create this product. She told me "I personally am a cannabis user and lover and have always known about the old honey remedy, but I knew there had to be a better way that’s more effective and convenient. So we whipped up an all natural recipe, only using the purest, highest quality ingredients. No chemicals, no GMOs. We were able to create a product that enhances what honey alone wouldn’t do."  

Slo Rolls is proudly a female-founded, led and owned company and they're shipping tubes starting this month. You can buy directly from the website (North American shipping) as well as from speciality stores / smoke shops around Canada. Each tube will retail for $12.