Six Reasons to Grow Your Own Cannabis At Home

Stress Less

Nurture your buds and your green thumb at the same time with this stress busting hobby. Gardening has long been thought of as a great way to increase physical activity, reduce anxiety and get a regular dose of vitamin D. Whether your growing buds or tomatoes, it’s a very practical skill to have.

Peace of Mind

Awareness around the use of harmful chemicals on cannabis is growing. Affecting any plant matter or by-product that is inhaled, including dried flower and concentrates, the only way to make sure that your cannabis is 100% clean is by growing your own.

It’s Cheaper

Save your pennies for the second edition of the Her(B) Life print magazine, because home growing is cheap AF! Depending on your consumption and growing skills, with two to four plants you could grow a whole years supply of cannabis for yourself. That’s saving a pretty penny right there. Why, you could pre-order our entire first print run if you wanted to.

Zero Waste

Avoid the irony of cannabis being a highly sustainable and versatile plant, that is legally required to be heavily packaged for the sake of ‘safety’. Store your buds in reusable containers, and use the leaf and stem to make ingestibles and salves. No plant waste. No packaging.

Juice Juice Baby

Speaking of ingestibles, raw cannabis juice is trending. Sourcing raw cannabis isn’t all that easy, and the plant, being as amazing as it is, is packed full of beneficial properties in its raw form as well as when it’s decarboxylated (heated and activated).

It’s Totally Instagramable

#girlsjustwannahavefun - On first look this one is superficial right? Wrong! Being out of the proverbial cannabis closet helps to combat the stigma associated with cannabis use. To all the cannabis boss babes, get on your best digs and don’t forget to tag @the_herblife