Should You Get A Cannabis Mani?

The short answer to our headline question is of course - Yes! They're dope AF and still uncommon enough to really stand out in a sea of french tips. Plus, what better way to show the world what a #DopeLady you are? 

Image via @Dope.Nailz on Instagram

Image via @Dope.Nailz on Instagram

The sky is the limit as far as design ideas, whatever you and your nail technician can dream up but in case you need some design inspiration we've gathered images from across Instagram.


Honourary Mention: Dope Nailz

While researching trends for this piece we came across the Instagram hashtag #weednails which features a ton of images from Dope Nailz, an organic, vegan, anti-cruelty line of polishes for stoner babes. We loved the colour collection and had to know more about the brand so we reached ou to learn more. 

The line was created for "Stoner babes to encourage self-love via a manicure" and the company, based in Denver, hosts Cannabis Manicure parties for VIP stoner babes. I suddenly wish I was in Denver so I could get a mani and the munchies thanks to complimentary organic cannabis.

 Get Your Own Dope Nailz

For those of us not lucky enough to go to the party there's still some good news: Dope Nailz ships worldwide! Her(B) Life #DopeLadies can go shop the online store and use offer code "Theherblife” to save  $4.20 on your next order! Get it girls!