Share your Cannabis Story for Mother's Day

Stories, particularly personal stories are powerful. We built this website on that premise and we're not alone in our belief that sharing your truth will help others find theirs, find solace, comfort and inspiration. 

Stories are a communal currency of humanity.
— Tahir Shah, in Arabian Nights

As cannabis becomes more mainstream, more people are stepping out the shadows - or cannabis closet, if you will - and telling the world how cannabis has given them joy, shaped them, healed them and given them a reason to get out of bed in the morning. 

Every week we interview another woman doing something cool and innovative in cannabis and a while back we shared a post made up of testimonials from community members about how cannabis has improved their quality of life.  

Share Your Story

Now, we want to tell you about Wattney Kay and CannaMommy, two organizations that have come together to hear your stories about cannabis. Wattney Kay is a company out of Ontario that handcrafts hemp bracelets. Their mission is to inspire, educate others and empower like-minded individuals from around the world, in hopes of breaking the taboos on the hemp and cannabis plant. A percentage of bracelet sales is donated to non-profit organizations involved in the Cannabis Industry. Organizations such as CannaMommy, who provides a safe resource for mothers and families to learn about the cannabinoid system and how it interacts with their bodies. CannaMommy raises money through donations to fund research on the cannabinoid system.

Throughout April they have been promoting and collecting stories from mothers and they will pick 5 winners in May for Mother's Day. The two organizations know that stories are very powerful and can go a long way to not only inspire people to rethink cannabis but also help other mothers who might be going through battles similar to what is being wrtten about. 

The Prizes Are:

The winners will have their stories featured and have 1 of 5 hemp bracelets named after them. The winners will be announced on Mother’s Day along with the design of the new bracelets. 

image via Wattney Kay

image via Wattney Kay

I love this idea, not just because I adore reading about wicked cool canna-ladies but because I agree that contests like this give a voice to those who's stories deserve to be heard. Plus 20% of the proceeds from each CannaMommy bracelet will go back to the CannaMommy organization and help fund more advocacy for change. Which is a beautiful thing. 

If you want to get involved check out this link here to learn more. Do it. Share your story and help another woman feel better.