Sesh in the City - Enjoying Sunshine and Summertime with Canndora's Hotbox Collection

Our friends at Canndora Club have done it again, curating a chic and practical array of products that also elevate female canna-preneurs 


Nothing says fun-in-the-sun quite like exploring your urban playground, soaking up the sights and sounds of summer in the city. This is the first summer since legalization in Canada, as a result many of us are excited to hit the town with our cannabis in tow. The Canndora Hotbox Edition is the latest in their line of elevated cannabis accessories for women, with the goal of providing everything you need to enjoy a session while you’re out and about. 

Style Meets Sensibility

Canndora does it again, curating a set of stunning and useful accessories for women who love weed. This current edition of their popular subscription service has everything a badass woman needs for a sesh in the city.

In addition to being stylish AF, the items in this bag are a powerful step towards normalization of cannabis consumption. It is no secret that stigma is still rampant around smoking weed and seems to be even more prevalent amongst women. This curation of chic and sensible items carve out a space for women to be open about their cannabis use and because each item is so cool, they open the door to important conversations that ultimately lead to the normalization of cannabis consumption in public places. Pretty products that do some good? We’re in.

All the items in this edition are from the Hotbox Cafe, a staple in the cannabis community, run by the formidable Abi Roach. “We want the products featured in the Hotbox Edition to reflect the spirit of the cannabis-loving woman, who loves to indulge herself, especially in the summer, when she wants to get together and toke with friends at the cottage or generally wants to enjoy the outdoors with a blunt or bong.” says Abi Roach, founder of the Hotbox Cafe.

The Hotbox Cafe

The Hotbox cafe is infamous in the cannabis community, relied on by many as a hub of cannabis education, providing a sense of community, sassy signs, and superior quality cannabis accessories for nearly 20 years. Perhaps even more importantly, the Hotbox has been a safe place for people to consume cannabis and has a welcoming vibe that can be felt even on your first visit. Formerly a vape lounge, the Hotbox cafe has reinvented itself yet again to be compliant in the ever-changing legal market in Canada. 

What’s in the Bag?

Canndora x Hotbox

Canndora x Hotbox

The summer HotBox Edition of Cannadora’s subscription services is all about the stoner on-the-go, perfectly curated to pack all the items you need for a sesh in the city in one portable clutch.

The Hotbox Clutch

This clutch is totally smell-proof, with a carbon lining and double, heavy-duty velcro closures that can conceal even the stinkiest of roaches. Made from vegan leather, with a convenient wristlet and a designer lining this clutch is super cute and doubles as a great nightclub purse.

Bamboo Rolling Tray

Sure, it’s fun to play ‘I Spy’ a dvd/box/book type surface to roll on but this bamboo tray takes the risk out of rolling on the go. The 4x6 bamboo rolling tray fits perfectly in the clutch and still leaves plenty of room for other accessories. 

Vacuum Seal Jar

Keep your buds super fresh with a vacuum stash jar, the seal helps avoid spillage accidents while keeping the optimal conditions inside. 

Canndora Darling Pre-roll cone

Canndora Darling Pre-roll cone

3-piece Grinder

This is probably the tiniest grinder I have ever seen! Aside from being the cutest thing ever, the little grinder has micro-divots that help you grip it despite its size. Full disclosure, you won’t be rolling any monster blunts from this without multiple grinds but it busts up enough for a nice small joint. 

Canndora Darling 6 pack pre-rolls

Canndora’s designer pre-rolls, the Canndora Darlings, are printed on tree-free all-natural hemp paper, from a mix of edible soy, hemp seed oil and natural pigments. 

Canndora $15 Gift Card

Check out the Canndora Hotbox Edition for your own Sesh in the City Experience