9 Beautiful Products to Help You Rock 420 In Style This Year

Created by Unity Marguerite Curator & Bloomer, Village Bloomery 

420 is the unofficial international celebration of cannabis.  No doubt, 2019 will prove to be the largest 420 celebration we’ve experienced.  With Canadian federal and US many state level legalization, plus an overall increase in education, the stigma is decreasing with more people consuming cannabis and celebrating this plant. 


North American cannabis Community

In 2012, the states of Colorado and Washington became the first in the US to legalize cannabis for adult-use.  They recognize 420 is a boost to the economy so there are state and city approved events attracting thousands of tourists.  420 is a multi-day celebration in Denver with events happening at the International Church of Cannabis, member only lounges like Tetra and the notorious Mile High Festival being the largest 420 event happening worldwide with headline entertainment. 


The cannabis community in Vancouver prides themselves on their Sunset beach gathering where it’s possible to stock up on your favourite pre-regulated products – essentially this is a Farmer’s Market for the cannabis space.  Be sure to have plenty of cash on hand for this epic event with clouds of smoke billowing in the air above. 


Regardless of where you’re celebrating, 420 is a long day starting with breakfast and ending with late night concerts.  Being prepared with layers of clothing, comfortable shoes and bags to carry your goods is essential for a comfortable experience so you can sustain your energy for a more joyful experience. 

Here are 9 cannabis inspired accessories to keep you stylish and snug for 420.