Review: Veil Room Spray

What’s so exciting about an odour eliminating room spray? Well, let me introduce you to Veil…

I am in general not a fan of scented candles, potpourri or room sprays that cover up odours with synthetic florals but when Veil sent me a bottle of their new high minded odour elimination spray I was intrigued.


The Fragrance Was Different

First, let’s talk about the scent. No stuffy lavender, no fake lemon, no overbearing vanilla. No, this bottle says it offers the combined fragrances of sweet orange (one of my faves!), black pepper (ok, that’s new) and Virginia cedar (fresh!). I spritzed liberally and wondered how long it would be until I had to crack a window. But that moment never came, the scent was noticeable but not overbearing. It was pleasant in an authentic, fresh way. It wasn’t cloying like so many sweet-scented room sprays that make me kinda sick… I can barely make it down the cleaner aisle in the grocery store without pinching my nose closed from the overwhelming smell of fake outdoors.

Designed for Cannabis

I love weed as much as the next girl, ok - probably more but I don’t love when my house smells like I’ve been hotboxing the bathroom, so I was interested in Veil because they market themselves to the cannabis community specifically.

Veil’s formulation works on a molecular level, combining with the smoke, altering its molecular composition, and neutralizing the odor. The formulation is based on essential oils and is described by Veil as “combining sweet orange, cracked black pepper, and Virginia Cedar – a balanced mixture of funk and finery,” which might be my new fave tagline.

The Big Test

I wanted to really put this spray to the test so I took my smoke break indoors, in a small room off the back of my house. I didn’t go too hard but I let the joint burn long enough for the smell of cannabis to linger. Then I spritzed the Veil spray and closed the door and walked away. 5 minutes later, when I checked I could still smell weed but 5 minutes after that, not so much.

I also used this baby during the drying time for our recent harvest. Usually, around this time of year, my home smells pretty funky with all my herb drying but because I wasn’t afraid of inhaling toxic ingredients, I relied on this to help get through the harvest.

The Veil spray is eco-friendly, non-toxic, made with organic essential oils in the USA.

You can buy this spray directly from the company here and follow them on Instagram here.