Review: Ther-A-Pue-Tic CBD Chocolates

Sponsored by Ther-A-Peu-Tic

Sometimes I really enjoy my job. Days, where I get to sample artisan chocolates infused with organic hemp oil, are definitely on the top of my Best-Day-at-Work list. Today I got to sample some of Ther-A-Peu-Tic's treats made with real fruit and all natural ingredients including organic CBD. 

The company was kind enough to send us three flavours:

  • Caramel Coconut Drizzle (I can't even type that without drooling a little) (milk chocolate) 
  • Sea Salted Strawberry (dark chocolate)
  • Golden Flax Seeds & Bing Cherries (white and dark chocolate)

This review is different for us because Ther-A-Peu-Tic's chocolates contain virtually no THC so our taste test left us sober but decidedly more healthy for having eaten so much chocolate (zip it, CBD is good for us and that's the story we're going with). 


Each bar contains 60 mg worth of CBD and each piece is 15 mg, there is even a handy little stamp on the chocolate to remind you. 

Impressively, all the ingredients used to make these tasty treats are non-GMO and organic and the company website claims to have a third party lab test all their CBD for pesticides, heavy metals, herbicides, bacteria, molds, fungi and mycotoxins. I love that. 

CBD, The Wonder Cannabinoid

CBD is a non-psycho active cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. It is famous for it's neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties and is showing promise in the treatment of depression, anxiety and addiction. 

For everyday aches and pains a square of chocolate might be just what you need! The good news about CBD edibles is that the therapeutic effects are long lasting. This is because the active compound is combined with the ingredients in your food, and it's slowly released over time as you digest. 

How did it taste?

In the office we were a little divided over whether or not you could taste the hemp oil. I thought I could, particularly with my first bite but no one else thought so, so I suppose that means that a) non of my co-workers have working tastebuds or b) the hemp oil isn't very flavourful at all, I just have an excellent sense of taste. 

Either way, it doesn't matter because the other flavours really shine. Salted Strawberry isn't something I ever thought I'd enjoy but as of now, I am a convert. Salted Strawberry is the only way to go from this point forward. The Caramel Coconut Drizzle is as fabulous as it sounds and I have been dreaming of round two with this one. The Golden Flax Seeds and Bing Cherries flavour is great especially if you like white chocolate but you should hurry and order that soon as it's a limited edition offering. 

Oh, another great thing about ordering Ther-A-Peu-Tic chocolates? Because of the lack of THC they are legal to buy from anywhere in the USA.