Review: The LITL One Vaporizer

Note: a product sample was provided so we could write an honest review

Marketed as an inexpensive option for vaporizing newbies the LITL One vape is really the little vape that could.

When this vaporizer crossed my desk I was interested in checking it out, but I didn’t really know much about it to begin with. I hadn’t heard of the brand before and purposefully didn’t go look it up until I’d had a chance to try the device out.

My first impression, right out of the box was that the size and shape is perfect for busy vapers. I’ve tried a lot of vaporizers in my day and some are great, some are ok and some are ridiculously large, hulking contraptions that weigh a ton and break easily. This little guy is simple and clean and fits in my pocket. The glass mouthpiece is small so it doesn’t pose a breakage risk (super important for me, the most uncoordinated woman I know). While it would be clear to anyone looking what I was doing, the unit is discreet enough for me.

You charge it up via a lightning cable and the battery is good for 20 minutes of consecutive use. I have used it a few times and have only had to recharge it once.

The unit has one heat setting (215 ° C so no guesswork needed there), a single button to turn it off and on and a small choke on the bottom of the unit to control the airflow. Oh yeah, and it is compatible with dried flower.


What I Liked

  • I liked the simple and small design. It’s easy to carry and store.

  • I liked the ceramic chamber, it’s easy to clean and my flower was evenly heated up. After my session I noticed that the herb was brown and crispy all over and not just on the bottom where it would have met the heating element.

  • I liked the 45 second heat up time. I’m impatient at best and want things to work right away.

  • I liked the price (more on that later).

  • I experimented with grinding my bud and just popping smaller pieces into the chamber and while grinding the bud first produced a more even heating experience, adding chunks into the chamber worked too. I like that I have the option to be lazier about this product if I want to be.

What I didn’t Like

  • I wish there was a poker thing included in the unit to help me poke and stir and dig the flower .out of the chamber.

  • The instructions said that you have to click the button 5 times to make it work, my first few times I had to click it over and over to get it to turn on. Full disclosure; I was likely doing something wrong but I didn’t know what - I mean, how do I get “click the button” wrong? I love the singular button on the iPhone but maybe on a device like this I’d want an on/off switch? This is really more about me than it is the LITL so it barely counts as a dislike.

Once I had played with it for a while and passed it around to friends to try, I looked it up online and was surprised at the price: $39.99 USD! Now I was really impressed! If I were looking to suggest an inexpensive vaporizer to a friend, especially one who is new to vaping I would recommend the LITL One. In the meantime, this little unit is going in my travel case, because it is the perfect size to take on an adventure.