Review: High Top Ash and Stash Tube

Hi, my name is Makyla and I am officially a HighTop Addict.

HighTop is a brand new ash and stash tube designed to help you save and store that half-smoked joint you didn’t have the time to finish before dinner. I am one of twenty people to officially get to try their prototype and they have definitely hit the ground running with this accessory.

The Hightop is big for me because I am that girl who wants a few tokes before going out to a nice dinner but won’t necessarily finish the whole joint. I also had the perfect opportunity to try this to the fullest, at a wedding, in the mountains in Canmore, Alberta. 

From the get-go, I was impressed. The package included a lovely note from the founders and the all-black prototype was totally my vibe. It also fits into my pocket and hand well and the rubber cap was nice and snug for the tube. 

Where do you keep your half joints?

I often struggle to put out my joints. Do I do it on my dirty shoe? Do I do it on a dirty curbside? Do I do the dreadful spit and extinguish? I hate all of those things. This means the ashing compartment was perfect for me. My joints weren’t crushed or the embers squeezed out to savour the last half. Outing your joint has never been more satisfying as the unique design of the ashtray allows for a quick out and an even joint to resume smoking right before dessert!

There is nothing worse than relighting a half-smoked joint only to light paper and damn near singe off your eyelashes (we’ve all been there, don’t look at me like that) - especially at a wedding. Thank you HighTop for letting me keep my eyebrows. 

The HighTop Ash & Stash fit perfectly into my travel tin box. So I was able to hold two hand-rolled joints in the HighTop itself while storing the rest of my pre-rolls elsewhere. I’d also like to also mention the fact that this ash & stash is absolutely smell proof. As much as I love the smell of a freshly lit joint, I don’t enjoy smelling like my stoner high school boyfriend at a wedding so having a sealed, smell-proof tube for my half joints/near roaches was without question, a must.

Final Thoughts

Overall, 10/10 for the prototype, I can’t wait to see how this product develops once on the market and I can’t wait to see it on shelves in retail stores across North America.