Review: Hemper Subscription Box

By: Makyla Jabour

Note: Hemper provided The Her(B) Life with a box in exchange for an honest review. We do not make any money if you decide to make a purchase using one of the links provided.

The Hemper Box is is a monthly subscription box that introduces subscribers to new premium smoking products, name brand collab items, and exclusive celebrity collaboration products found only in the Hemper boxes.

We got the chance to try The Hemper Pack box this month and we’re still fighting over who gets to keep the FILTHY doobtube…


This box is like a stoner Christmas every month. I have a few monthly subscriptions but I can honestly say, this is the one I look forward to the most! This box is in collaboration with Don of Dabs with CustomGrow 420. It’s full of rare accessories you won’t find anywhere else.



  • In this box I found the perfect sized Puck Rig which is super easy to use. PLUS it comes with a Quartz 14mm Male High Airflow Banger Nail and a Hemper x CustomGrow 420 keychain dabber, so it can easily be switched from flower to concentrate. Looking forward to getting my dab on Hemper Style!

  • As always Hemper rolling papers are a dream! This box was in collaboration with CustomGrow 420 Extra long, they’re slow burning and went super well with my favourite item in this box, my brand new Hemper glass filter tip! TBH, at first, I glanced over this little gem - there were so many things to try out! However, this handblown glass filter tip is now a solid and sacred part of my “smoking rituals” along with my new appropriately labeled “It’s Lit” lighter.

  • As an avid blunt smoker, the FILTHY doobtube makes my day every time I pull it out in front of friends. It is especially generously sized and can easily fit quite a few pre rolled joints if you like to stay stocked. So if you are heading out on a day adventure, don’t forget this guy, you’ll thank me later

  • The Hemper One Hitter Taster is a staple to my bedside. It’s all I use for the last toke of the day as I settle into my night time routine.

  • I of course, always love the banner stickers in each box! I’ve been a sticker queen from a young age, so there is something very sentimental about the different ones I get every Hemper box!

If you are someone who enjoys amping up your cannabis accessories box, Hemper’s beautifully curated boxes are going to be your newest addiction!
Overall, we were really pleased with the items in the box, everything is useful and of good quality. Subscribing to a box like Hemper means that you’ll have a regular supply of the important things like papers - have you ever run out of rollies right before a session? It sucks and is a huge downer but having a trustworthy supplier who sends you a new box every month will eliminate that hassle.


With Hemper, you can customize the frequency of your box and  choose between the classic month-to-month, prepaid 3, 6, or 12 month subscription plans, or fully customize your delivery frequency.

You can also choose the contents of the box, or at least the theme of the contents. For example, glass enthusiasts might love the Hemper Box which comes with a glass piece every month. If you’re not really into glass, choose from one of the rolling packs (Hemper Pack)  like the one we got. Either way, you get a curated experience that will most appeal to you.

Every month the Hemper curators (is this the world’s best job or what?) select 10 or more items for your box so you wind up with some core monthly essentials, a few surprise items, and a brand new glass piece all worth between $80 - $100 USD and all you pay is $29.99 USD (plus shipping). If you’re going for the Hemper Pack you’ll get $35 USD worth of goodies for $14.99 USD.


We like this box because a) it allows us to lose track of our supply of papers without worry and b) it’s full of goodies that everyone can enjoy. This box is gender neutral so it can easily be shared with friends (hint hint what a great gift idea) and would make a great addition to any household, if you ask us.