Review: Green Goddess Coco Salve Topical Pain Stick

  • Super Strength
  • 100 mg THC
  • Net weight: 10g


Cannabis-infused coconut oil*, beeswax*, coco butter*, vitamin-E oil* Frankincense and Eucalyptus essential oils 

(*Certified Organic)

Universal Healing For:

 - Eczema, arthritis, headaches, muscle pain, swelling, psoriasis, cramps, nerve-pain, burns, after-sun, tension, joint-pain

How To Use:

  • Apply to affected area every 3-4 hours or as needed

  • Do not apply to open wounds

  • Keep out of reach of children and pets

What We Thought

I had two occasions to use this topical pain reliever and both times it really came through for me. The first time was when I had an incredible kink in my neck, I couldn't even sleep on my right side without pain and in desperation I reached for this stick and rubbed it directly onto the tense muscles. I wasn't exactly surprised 20 minutes later when I noticed that the pain had subsided quite a bit. I have always found relief with cannabis infused salves and balms. A study analysis in Journal of Pain Research confirms that topical use of certain cannabinoid topicals can reduce pain in animals with inflammation or neuropathic pain. CBD and THC infused salves work to reduce inflammation, desensitize pain receptors by absorbing through the skin and binding to CB2 receptors. 

Image vis  Instagram

Image vis Instagram

The second time I used it was on a knee after a 9 hour plane ride. My knees and legs get really cramped and tense when I'm sitting for too long and by the end of the flight I was DYING. By the time I was home from the airport the pain was radiating down my calf and I wasn't feeling so confident about using just the salve. I rubbed the stick all over the kneecap and behind my knee then massaged it in. Sure enough, the pain subsided enough to let me sleep. I was so happy with how it worked that I knew I had to write a glowing review and share this product with you all.

Green Goddess is committed to producing small-batch, high-quality cannabinoid infusions for use in medibles and medicinals. Made on Vancouver Island, BC using organic cannabis ensure each batch is of the highest quality. The company's website is launching soon and in the mean time you can follow them on Instagram here.