Review: FlowerPWR Pre-rolls Made with BC Bud

We tried FlowerPWR pre-rolls and had a very nice time.

A couple of months back the team at FlowerPWR reached out offering to let us try their pre-rolls. After some back and forth around shipping snafus and lost packages, a neat Purolator envelope arrived at the office and we ripped into it like the eager beavers that we are.

Super pretty premium  FlowerPWR  Pre-Rolls

Super pretty premium FlowerPWR Pre-Rolls

What I liked best about FlowerPWR pre-rolls is that they are classified into different varieties based on their potency and rarity. On offer is your choice of Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid joints. All the pre-rolled joints are made with only BC bud and the 1 gram joints are packaged with a Boveda Pack in an air-tight sealed tube to guarantee freshness for up to 3 months.


Packaging and Labelling  Is Important

We're all really into packaging here at HL headquarters and we really liked this set up. The brand is tastefully designed and everything was pretty and functional with a solid box that didn't get crushed in transit but there was quite a bit of packaging which is because they go out of their way to ensure discretion and that no odour is detectable and frankly, that attention to my privacy was appreciated.

Not only did the 1 gram joints have Boveda packs in their tubes but the entire package had a Boveda pack inserted into it. Can't beat that. 

I loved the differentiation between usages/strains/cannabinoid makeup options and that there are two sizes available; who doesn't love a mini joint? 


When it comes to Potency, they use a colour code system:


Green labels are strains curated for novice and occasional tokers, the info they sent states that the green label pre-rolls provide the ultimate buzz for your buck. We tried the Cotton Candy Girl and between three of us this joint went a long way. It was tasty as heck and stonier than we anticipated! The king size cones were perfect for a group but had to be revisited when it was just one person. The draw was smooth and the ash burnt light, all good signs. 

The Black label line is designed for "the stoner seeking to step up their game" with a touch of excellence so in our case, we got a hybrid Cali Dreaming clocking in at 21-27% THC and it was perfect for an afternoon of chores and office admin work. The other mini, a Sensi Star was ideal for an evening of solo Netflix binging. It was just the right size.

The Gold labels are reserved for the best of the best and are made from only the finest top-shelf bud. This is the celebration joint, the high rolling cannabis connoisseur's joint. This is what we want at our Print Publication launch party next month (shameless magazine plug - but have you pre-ordered your copy yet

Overall Thoughts

We're not ashamed to say that productivity in the Her(B) Life office took a sharp nosedive the afternoon these pre-rolls arrived BUT we did have an excellent creative meeting where many new ideas were born. Ha!

I always wonder how safe my purchases are when buying online and ordering directly. I looked on the Flowerpwr website to see if they address this and yes, there in the FAQs they do: "All our members’ information is stored in secure, SSL 256 bit encrypted servers. We use the most updated technology possible to protect your privacy." So thats nice to know. 

Would we recommend these? Yes. The attention to detail and information about what you're getting was what really sold us in the end and it didn't hurt that we had a very good time too!