Review: Eco Fourtwenty Personal Filter

Before I begin my review, I would just like to let you all know that I didn’t know products like this existed on the market. Learning about Eco FourTwenty was a wonderful and mind boggling experience for me. Yes, I will admit it, I, an honorary #dopeladies groupie for life, was still strategically stuffing toilet paper rolls with a combination of tissue paper, toilet paper and dryer sheets to smoke cannabis in my sister’s basement so her kids wouldn’t know.

I was lucky enough to be introduced to this company and Eco FourTwenty gave me one of their aircraft grade aluminum, professionally made air filters as a gift to try in exchange for an honest review, so here we go!

  A Discreet Smoker’s Dream

Image from iOS.jpg

If you haven’t seen their promotional videos or heard of this sploof upgrade, this tube like device allows you to smoke discreetly for up to 500 hits per filter without the smell or smoke that usually ‘baits us out.’ I tested this product in the only way I figured would TRULY give me the best perspective; while hiding in my mother & father-in laws basement. My in-laws, are the most accepting people I know but if there is one thing they won’t tolerate, it is hot boxing (although a Her(B) Life favourite past time) their guest room. Needless to say, I am still alive. Not one complaint or suspect question.


Ladies & Gentlemen, we have a winner! This. Thing. Is. Gold. And also available on Amazon might I add! This product saves me on a daily basis and is perhaps one new toy I can’t live without, I even use this outdoors if I am trying to be respectful of other people’s breathing spaces. I have since recommended this to a few cannabis users around my condo building, and do recommend it to anyone who prefer their indoor smoke sessions to not smell like their older brother’s bedroom. I just have one request from this company – I need a rose gold version.


If you or anyone you know is still hiding from their landlord, family or friends, help them out and buy them an Eco Fourtwenty as a toker’s gift of discreet appreciation. It will change their life (kind of).