Review: Cavi Cream

Cavi Cream

2 oz 100 mg 

$40 USD

Recently, I got an opportunity to test out Cavi Cream, an all-natural formulation that works wonders on mild skin irritations such as rashes, bug bites, minor wounds and even on issues like psoriasis, eczema. 

As a psoriasis sufferer myself I have tried many, many products on my skin to help relieve the itchy dryness and overproduction of skin cells associated with the condition.  The only products that have ever come close to helping are infused with cannabis so I was very happy to test this product out! 

First off, let's talk about the cream. Its made with mango, cocoa and shea butters, avocado oil, organic coconut oil and hemp oil with essential oils for fragrance. It smells lovely. Fruity and sweet but not overbearing and not too heavy that I was worried others would be offended. 

The consistency of the cream is not unlike coconut oil solidified so that might be a surprise to some people who may have expected a more "lotiony" experience. I like coconut oil as a moisturiser and I find it absorbs well without being greasy. This also means that it makes for a great muscle rub or massage cream. 

While I didn't really notice much difference in my psoriasis (which doesn't mean it won't help yours - I wasn't really expecting any big changes because psoriasis sucks and you never know what will help it) I did find that using the cream for sore muscles and cramps was amazing! I also liked using it on my temples to combat a mild headache, the fruity scent was extra nice in this case. 

Caviar Gold, the company behind Cavi Cream also has capsules, edibles, concentrates and flower available and you can find shops that carry their line here. The Cavi Cream is also available in Extra Strength (200 mg). 

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