Review: CannTerp's BudBoosters Terpene Infusion Pearls

This week I tried out some terpene infused pearls from CannTerp that have been designed to enhance the scent, taste, and effects of our cannabis experience.

Full disclosure, we were provided samples for our review but we don’t collect any money if you decide to purchase the products yourself.


So what exactly am I talking about here? What is a terpene infused pearl and how does it make my weed better? 

Quick Overview of Terpenes

A terpene is an organic aromatic molecule, which can be found throughout nature. In essence, terpenes are what cause things to smell a certain way; this can be seen in everything from flowers and spices to tropical fruits and trees. Cannabis is loaded with terpenes! It’s why your weed smells earthy or spicy or sweet. Terpenes are also enjoying some time in the spotlight right now too. Cannabis growers and companies have recognized the value in terps and many include information on their labeling and marketing. 

The various terpenes that are found in a cannabis plant can be a major distinction between the different strains, as well as how consuming that strain of cannabis will make you feel. This is powerful information for the cannabis community, especially when realizing that the cannabis flower may lose up to 90% of its’ terpenes during the drying process.

CannTerp has some great information on their website about terpenes and how they can add to the therapeutic effects of the cannabis you are consuming. Read more here


I tried out the Dream BudBooster, which retails for $11.99.

It’s described as a “sleep terpene blend”  and includes Linalool, Terpinolene, Myrcene, Nerolidol, and Gamma Terpinene which are known for their sedating effects like stress relief, calm and also mood elevation.  

The scent of the pearl is floral and earthy, with spicy and sweet notes. 

BudBooster Dream terpene profile

BudBooster Dream terpene profile

To use, I followed the directions, dropping one pearl into a container of bud and leaving it alone for 24 hours.

I really wanted to test this product out and see if it could change the flavour and fragrance profile of my weed so I opted to use the BudBooster with some weed I’ve had sitting around for ages, it has definitely lost some of its original terpenes from evaporation and age. On top of that, this weed always tasted a little funky. It was weird and not in a good way which is why its been sitting around for so long. It was the perfect bud to try to rejuvenate.


After 24 hours I pulled out the nugs and examined them. They looked the same but the fragrance coming out of the jar was really nice. It was a deep earthy scent but not at all perfumy. Of course, we still had to pass the biggest test of all, the flavour test. Could this little pearl actually make my crappy weed tolerable?

It did!

My joint smoked nicely and didn’t taste as bad as it had before. I shared it with a neighbour who had nothing good to say about this weed a few weeks back and even he didn’t have anything bad to say.

In the end, I was pretty impressed with how it turned out and I will use this product again, particularly on older cannabis. There is also a BongBooster product that allows you to add terpenes into the water of your bong to enhance the scent, taste and effects of your cannabis.