Review: PussyWeed™ 4 Chamber Grinder

I'll start by saying that I straight up love this grinder. It's by far one of the best I've used and is now my absolute fave.


Let's go over the basics and then I'll dive in and tell you why I love it. 

Size: 2.5"

Colour: Black

Chambers: 4

Material: Aluminum

Price: $35USD

These herb grinders are decked out in the classic PussyWeed™ logo which I think is fun yet subtle and can provoke thoughtful discussion on women and our bodies and how we are portrayed in media and ads, in fact, the whole PussyWeed™ aesthetic is meant to start a discussion. PussyWeed™ at its core is a female empowerment apparel company celebrating the female body through designs.

Behind every branded product is the founder's message about wanting to de-stigmatize the gendered word pussy and to promote a powerful female voice in the marijuana industry... But that's really a different post for another time. 

More Details

Featuring 58 sharp teeth this beast quickly shreds any nug I give it, leaving a fine grind that smokes clean. The magnet on the lid keeps everything in place and the little grips around the edge of the lid keep my fingers from sliding and losing their grip. The third chamber has a fine screen sifter that catches and holds kief - your biggest problem will be those overly curious people who open it on an angle and spill out the precious trichomes - YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Lastly, the teeny tiny pick is unobtrusive and perfectly shaped to scrape the fine powder.

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 7.04.27 PM.png
herb life reviews the pussyweed grinder
keif from the pussyweed grinder

Is Aluminum Safe?

Sometimes you hear people imply that aluminum grinders are inferior because they allow aluminum shavings to get into your ground herb and then into your lungs, but I am here to tell you that that just ain't the case. You see, the boiling point of aluminum is 4566 °F (2519 °C) which means... Your lighter won't get hot enough to vaporize aluminum shavings so you're safe. Don't sweat it. 

Want your own PussyWeed ™ grinder? Get it here.