Responsible Consumption Part 2: The Plant

Created by Unity Marguerite Curator & Bloomer, Village Bloomery 

See Part One: The Location here.

Recreational cannabis is legal in Canada.  Currently, during our first 6 months of legalization, Canadians have access to dry flower, oils and seeds.   

 Oil comes in the form of spray, capsules or a non-alcohol based tincture.  Choosing oils is an easier consumption method, with a slower onset of affect.  Oils are a fantastic method for CBD consumption, as CBD is an adaptogen, meaning consuming a little every day, like a vitamin, will offer best results.   

 In our new legal system, the cannabis we have access to has been tested in labs.  From these tests, we know the cannabinoid profiles and terpenes.  With this information being listed on the label, the brand’s website and/or the provincial government cannabis retail store website ( or ) We’re no longer buying the good stuff from some guy on a corner.  We can choose cannabis based on its content. 

When beginning to consume cannabis, read the labels to know the cannabinoid content, the two most commonly listed are CBD and THC.  Choosing a higher CBD or 1:1 equal parts CBD to THC will provide less of a psychoactive effect which can sometimes feel safer for new consumers. 

 Buying Dried Flower

For those who prefer dried flower, the pre-rolls available are proving problematic due to their high-pricing (At City Cannabis in Vancouver in early January 2019, two half gram pre-rolls from Aurora were priced at $29.50); the inconsistency of quality of roll; and, the quality of bud being used in pre-rolls.  Many pre-rolls are made from shake and not the highest quality dried cannabis.   

 This is why, purchasing dried flower by the gram is the best option to understand the quality of what you’re receiving.  

There are many ways to consume dry herb; with joints, bongs and handheld pipes being the most common.  Bear in mind: lighting cannabis with a flame is not the healthiest consumption choice especially when we use butane lighters. 

The butane can impact the taste and the heat from the gas flame can be toxic to our lungs.  In addition, the temperature of burning cannabis at such a high temperature means we’re losing the best use of the cannabinoids and terpenes.  Not to mention, rolling joints is challenging, especially for those with arthritis; and, dosing isn’t easy with joints.  It’s the opposite of Start Low and Go Slow


Consuming your dry herb with a temperature controlled device will make it easier to Start Low and Go SlowThe Pax 3 is a single oven which holds 0.35g of tightly packed ground flower.  If this is too big a dose for you, then simply opt to use the Half Pack oven lid (included with purchase) which holds 0.17 grams. 

The key to using a Pax is to tightly pack the well ground up material.  Pax offers a durable multi-tool keychain which makes it easier to pack and remove material from the oven. 

Using a temperature control device offers the option to have a lower heat setting for a gentle experience with a clear head while maintaining productivity.  Lower temperatures are also best for the flavour experience.  



Also, knowing the cannabinoids and terpenes, will make the consumption experience more dynamic when we can adopt our temperature for best results and flavour.  The terpene Pinene boils at 155 C while Linalool boils at 198 C.  THC will extract faster at higher temperatures packing a high with a punch.  Perhaps, you want the THC without the side effect of anxiety, then using a mid-range temperature, like 180 C to 200 C, will ensure the cannabinoid CBD is more present for a calming effect which will reduce anxiety. 

 If you’re consuming cannabis to sleep, then use a higher temperature like 200 C and up for heavier body effects supporting a longer and deeper sleep. 

 By consistently using the same device, it will be easier to understand and learn the dosing which will best achieve the affects you desire.  Keep in mind, this will take curiosity, practice and time. 


Thankfully, it’s 2019 and we now have vaporizing options.  With so many vaporizers on the market it can be challenging to find one to fit your needs.  When shopping for a vaporizer choose a product, which has temperature control so you can decide the temperature to customise the affects you want to feel.  


The Pax offers a slick and beautiful pocket vaporizer with four temperature ranges through the devices interface.  When the Pax 3 is connected to the app on your smartphone, the temperature range from 182 C to 215 C becomes fully customizable with an additional 5th setting.  The app also offers the ability to customize the light colours on the device, from the default setting of green to ocean blues to sunset pinks to the red of Mars.  You can also opt to adjust the vibration level including turning it off completely. 


The app even has four heating methods: Standard, Boost, Efficiency and Flavor.   

  • Standard is the default setting where the temperature increases when you draw and auto-cools when you don’t.  

  • Boost keeps your device in high gear by raising the temp aggressively with a slower cool down period. Efficiency gradually ups the temperature throughout the session proving to be economic and long-lasting. 

  • Stealth offers the ultimate discretion keeping the LEDs dim with a fast auto-cooling to ensure reduced odor and increasing privacy. 

  • Flavor is the most delicious option where the temperature will boost during the draw and decreasing quickly after the draw. 


This iPhone of vaporizers is on the pricier side, ranging from $199 for a Pax 2 to $272 for Pax 3 with concentrate insert; however, the 10-year warranty, futuristic features, customizable options with temperature control ensure that it will last several years and will prove valuable in a variety of situations.  The Stealth Mode will make it easier to consume respectfully in public or inside a private home.  The Flavor setting is supportive for fine tuning and designing a high based on terpenes and the cannabinoid profile of the plant.  


Consider your vaporizer an investment.  There are several styles and price ranges available.  When deciding what vape to purchase, consider your level of experience, your budget, your cannabis intentions, personal lifestyle and long-term goals.