Not So Plane Jane; Life Hacks for Flying

Story by: Leighana Martindale 

Through trial, error, and some research, I think I’ve cracked the code to better travel days and I’m here to share!

Step 1: Drink more water

Moisturize and Hydrate… we’ll share other tips but, if you haven’t gotten it by now, traveling in comfort is ALL ABOUT MOISTURIZING and HYDRATING!

It’s a common misconception that when we travel, our skin dries from a different climate, while this can be partly true, a large contributor to our dry skin actually happens during the flight. Our skin and our bodies actually become extremely dehydrated from the pressurized cabin and lack of oxygen. If you’re like me, when you don’t preemptively take care of your skin, it will dry to the point of cracking and becomes very painful.

Just when you think you’ve probably had enough, go back for more! If you think back to your travels (specifically plane rides) how much do you drink versus how much are you peeing and what color is your pee?

For me, I know I’ve done 6 hours of flying, drank a Kombucha, 2 full water bottles (the tall ones) and two coffees and have still only peed once. That is not good!

So learn from me and drink drink drink! Even if you have to ask for tons of water and pee 20 times, bug the shit out of your neighbors and the flight attendants, you need hydrated skin dammit!

Step 2: Steer clear of alcohol and coffee (if you can).

Coffee is definitely a hard one, especially when you have those 6am flights and shit to do, so honestly, I’m not judging you there. However, alcohol, should be a no no. Alcohol only dehydrates your body more - so if you do end up getting a drink or two you should drink twice as much water. Also, it’s a pretty great feeling when you arrive at your destination not fucked up… and fully hydrated.

Step 3: Get your personal beauty spa up and running

Yes, you get a personal beauty spa on your flight. The most important aspect of this spa, is your Hydrating Sheet Mask. Yes, people will look at you crazy like WTF? But guess what, who fucking cares! Your skin will be thanking you after.

Introducing your skin to as many hydrating products as you can while in the air is going to be your second most important task after drinking water. Make sure when you’re getting your sheet mask, it is one meant for hydration. Then go ahead, put that baby on and soak up all that goodness. Your average face mask tells you to keep on the mask on for 15 minuets but I leave mine on until it dries out, usually around 45 minutes.

After your face mask it’s good to put a moisturizer on. I like to use straight Jojoba oil because I find that this is the best oil for your face, whether you have oily or dry skin - I swear by Jojoba and it’s all I use.

Once the oil has soaked into my face, I like to pat a small amount of my Hyaluronic Acid on my face then spritz myself with a hydrating setting spray. I use the Jem Mist by JemDust because not only is it a setting spray with hydrating aspects, but it also is a protector and shields your skin from toxins and pollutants, not to mention I love the natural glow it gives my skin.

*Pro Tip: When you’re applying your setting spray, I recommend going to the bathroom to do so, or if you must do it in your seat, bend over so your neighbors don’t get sprayed as well.


I fell for my first infomercial a few months ago, and god am I glad I did! There’s this super cool, super cheap invention that changed my life while flying.

Do you ever download movies and TV shows on your phone but then hurt your neck starting down at it, or wear out your arm trying to hold your phone or tablet up? Do you hate having your tray down and obstructing your limited foot room just for your damn drink? Well fret no more!

I proudly introduce you to the AirHook! Before I gab about how amazing it is, I do want disclose, it’s cheap AF. Like cheaply made in China, plastic kind of cheap. However, I’m still obsessed. I will be happy when a nicer version is made, but I think it works wonders for now.

This baby hooks into your tray table so you don’t have to have it down. It holds your drink, and snaps your phone or tablet into the top so you can sit straight up to watch your phone or tablet. Meaning that you get all the leg room your tiny seat has to offer, and your neck and arms don’t get fucked trying to hold your device or cramping your neck to watch it.

Face Mask

Don’t want to get sick? Or maybe you already are and you don’t want to make it worse? Then get yourself a face mask. The air on planes is just recycled so you’re breathing in all the germs and illnesses that other people have as well. While during the summer, this isn’t that bad — during the Winter, it’s crucial, especially when those gnarly flus are going around!

Eye Mask

So as you all may know, there’s a lot of things that can go wrong on a flight, A LOT! For example, imagine you’re on a red eye, you just want to sleep, the flight is dark — but then the passenger next to you wants to read and has the light on making it hard for you to pass out. Don’t let this issue keep you up, keep your eyes covered and the light out so you can sleep! Plus, people are less likely to bother you!

Noise Canceling Headphones

HUGE necessity! There are so many different situations on a plane where headphones are needed! When there’s someone next to you who wants to talk and you’re not so into it or the worst, when there a crying child! I even use mine for when I want to sleep, playing peaceful music through them helps block out noise and keeps me oblivious to my surroundings.

Pack Your Food

Food on planes suck, let’s face it. Unless you’re flying first class and that comes with some exquisite meal, everything else is sub par. So why settle for ehh, when you can custom make or purchase whatever you want! I like to go to a grocery store with good “ready to go” items, preferably a health market as well, so that I can eat healthy and delicious food. There’s always the option of grabbing something prior to the plane ride in the terminal as well. This can just be hit or miss depending on what airport you’re in and if you have any dietary restrictions.

Yeah it can be annoying to unload a meal and take up space in the tiny rows they have, but hey! You need to eat and you need to eat healthy food! Who wants to start off a trip feeling like shit? I know for myself, and with having H. Pylori, there is nothing worse than being stuck on a flight with the best option they have being a cheese plate… Like what?! I don’t want to be bloated when I land. So be that bitch, bring your food, and guess what, it doesn’t matter because you’ve got your noise canceling headphones anyways, right?

These little tips and tricks will make your feel like a true travel master and hopefully even make your flight enjoyable! To learn how to pack your weed, deal with travel anxiety and make your trip even better check out this article.