Move Over Mozart, Weed is Infiltrating Classical Music

Classical music is a genre emblematic of the intensity of human experience. Just think of how many big budget commercials - that you can’t quite recall - are scored using these tunes.

While my first thought of classical music conjures up images of uptight aristocrats, in truth, classical music is incredibly soulful. Composed and performed by artistic, and often quirky individuals, the genre is enjoyed by a diverse group of passionate admirers.

Sounds a bit like cannabis if you ask me.


So when I heard that Flower Co. had decided to orchestrate a bong symphony, I wasn’t surprised in the least. I mean, who better to lead musical innovation than a passionate group of… plant advocates? If the story is true, at least the worlds first bong symphony was inspired by the plant herself.

Personally i imagined a Miss Congeniality-esque performance, with water glasses (or in this case bongs) and a cacophony of whimsical whistling. Alas, Flower Co. opted for a more traditional approach, with the classic ‘wind’ function of the bong.

If you’re wondering whether the venture was successful, that depends largely on how you measure success.