The Mother’s Day 2019 Collection

This is the first Mother’s Day in Canada where cannabis is recreationally legal. The stigma is real and when we discuss cannabis, mothers are often considered a taboo topic.


Despite wine o’clock being normalized and memes of moms jokingly needing alcohol to ease the pressures of being a mom; cannabis still seems to be off-limits.Thankfully, there are more mother’s sharing how cannabis has supported them with postpartum depression, easing the daily grind of balancing family while increasing their patience and ability to be more present with those who they love the most, their children.

Here are three Canadian mothers sharing how cannabis has supported them in living healthier and happier lives.

Inspirational Canna Mamas

In Edmonton, there’s Danielle McPherson of Moms Who Toke are Dope, she’s a leader with 16 years of cannabis history and a website:

Shannon Chiarenza, from Vancouver, is Weed Mama and a cannabis advocate, she educates on how she has calmed her anxiety and feels peaceful with CBD, vaporizing and microdosing.

In Saskatoon is Sister Shine, a still in-the-closet cannamom, she educates from the place that most moms exist in, hidden due to the pressures of professional roles and fear of community judgements.

Regardless of where you are on your cannamom experience, each of these women and the platforms that they have built will open up a world where you can connect with other women experiencing similar challenges.

This Mother’s Day gift the mom in your life something which will support her in feeling special, loved and supported