Moe Greens, Less Problems! A Peek Into San Francisco's Bougie Vape Lounge

Nestled on Market Street in downtown San Francisco, you’ll find Moe Greens, an elite vapor lounge and bougie dispensary located at : 1276 Market St, San Francisco that would surely elevate anyone’s lunch hour. From the moment you walk in you are struck by the style of the place, green and gold are embedded into the structure and atmosphere (see: the wallpaper that I didn’t know I needed in my life). The floor logo at the entrance was also a nice touch, as were the wooden walls, golden fixtures, and shiny ‘50s casino-inspired cargo green lounge booths.

Everything about this place screams “do it for the ‘Gram”.

Moe Greens SF High Roller by Jessica Nudo for The Her(B) Life.JPG
Moe Green’s Bud Bar

Moe Green’s Bud Bar

It didn’t take long before we picked up on the cues behind the lounge’s design details. The branding was recognized for its Vegas-like aesthetic (shoutout to my co-pilot, Ciera for noticing this immediately).

Viva Moe Greens SF by Jessica Nudo for The Her(B) Life.JPG

In fact, the entire lounge is themed around the iconic Nevada strip, allowing you to take in the essence of the high roller life without remortgaging your house.

Upon entry, a security agent will direct you to the receptionist who will ask you to sign in or sign up. We know this is a no-brainer, but bring your government issued identification or else this is where your visit ends.

From there, you will make way to the budtender who will give you a run-down of the day’s specials and other menu items to choose from. Bring your own vaporizer battery to save $9 on purchasing one and select from their list of cartridges.

Moe Greens SF Gold Drop Jessica Nudo for The Her(B) Life.JPG

Since I left my goods in Canada, my darling host was kind enough to loan me his (and some CBD by Bloom Farms), but I picked up some ACDC CBD by GoldDrop (which is VERY popular in every dispensary I visited while making the rounds). Since GoldDrop was having a deal that day, we were offered the chance to buy a strawberry flavoured cartridge for only $1 more. Unfortunately, it was only after that I realized it contained PEG 400 (propylene glycol). 10/10 would not buy again, but the CBD was great. WHY NOT? WHAT IS PEG 400?

Keeping with the theme, each room or area is categorized under a different title. Step up your game and enter The Vault, an enclosed space where you can dab concentrated cannabis extracts. It’s paws down the most beautifully constructed dab bar I’ve experienced.

The Playground is the largest space, dedicated to vaping. Sit solo or mingle with the crowd. The High Roller room lives up to its name by featuring five large booths to roll up, light up, and smoke.

Each booth in the High Roller Lounge holds this stunning kit to compliment your sesh with all the necessary accessories. Just BYOW!

Each booth in the High Roller Lounge holds this stunning kit to compliment your sesh with all the necessary accessories. Just BYOW!

Verdict: it’s a hit! Moe Greens is perfectly balanced to cater to seasoned connoisseurs and newbies alike. The polished lounge is welcoming and curated to meet your highest standards while offering a unique  experience that is a hit with locals and canna-curious travellers.