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 I'm Miss P. I co-operate a clothing line called, Misprynt$, with a small family of fierce women.

Misprynt$ is hand-misprinted pop culture apparel. We deconstruct and re-appropriate - or perhaps, re-configure? - I guess, by default, you could say we are parodying popular imagery. We do so, in order to discuss the potential for averting an imposed power dynamic: Symbolism - in particularly, when coming up in heavily commercialized urban & suburban environments. 

mysprint$ hoodie

Symbolism and Advertising

The symbolism utilized within advertising - whether it be marketing intended for commercial, educational, religious, scientific or any other purpose - has a far-reaching & immensely firm grasp on the collective psyche of humanity. In turn, this has a massive impact on the way in how we as humans interact, conduct ourselves, generally operate and ultimately, how we choose to see & form our reality. While, truly, discovering reality lies in dismantling this systemically oppressive white-centered capitalist patriarc...oh!... but, uhhh... I mean... we're just here to make some ca$h!...right? *smile* *wave* =^.^=


 I came up with the idea for Misprynt$ when I was attempting to challenge myself as a freelance graphic artist/designer (my "day, night and everything in between" job), by creating a style of clothing design that I had not seen anywhere before. That's when I began experimenting with the blurring/censoring/pixelating of (in)famous and easily recognizable symbols, or "logos" as we call them. Once I had gone back and forth enough with our manufacturer on making the initial de-$igns even possible to print (it wasn't easy), I immediately started experimenting.

mysprint$ pixelated
pixelated sweater from Mysprint$
Yang Keys Sapphire

I began playing with other various ways of messing with collectively held perceptions of a markedly well-known symbol, and the reaction/response it often prompted. Which is what I have remained doing every day since.

I'm an artist at heart, so this is a very exciting testing phase for me.

We've just officially launched this March, and have been welcomed by such an incredible response. It's a 4 woman team over here, and we all genuinely appreciate our art, passion and hard work being received so graciously. It really feels good to be recognized at all, let alone for the things that can sometimes tend to go unappreciated for a lot of other talented women doing similar things. We feel very privileged, and do not take this opportunity for granted. It is our goal to do our part in further opening up these spaces for ALL women. We welcome any and all feedback! 

We have new de-$igns being produced, daily. As well as tons of new spring/summer products under development, currently. We are aiming to hit major festivals and trade shows throughout the whole year, so keep an eye on our instagram: @misprynts, and our website: misprynts.com. Please come say hi if you see us out & about at events!

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