Me and Mary Jane

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I have been procrastinating writing this for a while now, mainly because I have had so many things I wanted to talk about that I didn’t know where to start. Then I thought, maybe I should just start at the beginning and tell you a bit about myself and one of my very close friends – Mary Jane. I mean, I like to learn about the people behind the things they make, and I am hoping you might like to also.

So here is my short herstory of my friendship with Mary Jane and my on/off and now permanently on relationship with her.

I first encountered Mary Jane when I was 14 years old and really thought she was a pretty fun friend to hang around with. Back then she was pretty plain – if you know what quarters, dime bags and nickel bags are, you will know exactly what I mean. I don’t even think she had any flowers – just a lot of stems and leaves and lots of popping and exploding seeds. I believe at that time she resided in Mexico and only came to visit very infrequently. Of course, things got better over time, and she even began filling out a bit.

During my late teens and early twenties, we hung out all the time. It wasn’t until I met her again while I was in Colombia that I went off her company for quite a long time. Mainly because she hit me over the head and knocked me flat on my back, which I didn’t like at all. You see, the Mary Jane from Mexico was quite different from the one I met in Colombia. The idea that she had a few different faces – mainly the Indica face and the Sativa face – was unheard of back then – and yes I am that old! Knowing what I know now, leads me to believe that the Mary Jane I met in Colombia and thereafter here in Canada (which we referred to as Hydro), was wearing her Indica face and I did not like her at all. I mean, who wants to be knocked on the head and laid flat on their back?

The face of Cannabis, as we like to call her now, has changed a lot. Thanks to many amazing pioneers, we now know so much more about her. And many of us aren’t afraid to hide the fact that we enjoy her company immensely – whether it be for health reasons, or just plain having fun. And I am happy to say, that after a long time apart we are once again close friends.

Of course, I could go on and on about all the fun times we had together, prior to her Indica face, and I am sure you could relate to many of them, but I am going to skip ahead.

since we are now in BC, why not grow a bit of pot?

In 2004 we decided to move to British Columbia from Toronto, and thought; hey, since we are now in BC, why not grow a bit of pot? Practically everyone else in BC is doing it, how hard can it be? I have to say, it wasn’t really my idea, as I was still pretty much off her, but my husband had been having an affair with her for going on 40 years. So off we went. Got a couple of lights, some clones, and some nutrients. How hard could it be? Well, 11 years later, and I think we finally got the hang of it!

My personal story at this point is highlighted by the word Menopause, which I became intimately aware of in my early forties. “Oh you’re too young for that”, my doctors would say. Well hey, I haven’t had my period for a very long time and I am sleeping naked, with no covers and all the windows open, in the middle of winter. Imagine the scene in the bedroom – my husband is wearing track pants, a hoodie, a hat, and socks with 2 blankets covering him – and me – well I am naked. That’s not to mention all the other unpleasant effects that some women get – lucky me, I think I got all of them. Many older women can probably relate to much of the unpleasantness involved, and if you don’t, I consider you to be extremely lucky.

As I dragged myself (and my husband) through those years of hell, I wished I would have known then what I know now – Cannabis helps.

Cannabis Helps

When we got into the cultivation and I started learning about all the amazing medical abilities she had, I started wondering if my physical problems could also be remedied by this miraculous plant. I learnt about vaporizing, edibles and topicals. I studied the abilities of the various strains and I started experimenting myself with formulas and recipes. This is how I came up with Bliss. At first I only tried it out on myself. It worked! Many of my symptoms were gone, which led to the resurfacing of my sex drive! I was happy. My husband was happy. My renewed friendship with Mary Jane was in full swing. Why not see if it could help anyone else?

Over the last 9 months I have been sending it to my female friends and asking them to test it out. At first I was only going to send it out to other women my age, but as I have a lot of younger friends I decided to send it to them as well. The response has been overwhelmingly positive! Not only did it help my friends with Menopausal symptoms, but it reinvigorated their sex life. As well, my younger friends found it enhanced their sex life dramatically. Not only a win/win situation for women, but for their partners as well.

So I am on a mission. Get Bliss to every woman out there who wants/needs it and make the world a happier more blissful place

About Bliss

Bliss is an all-natural lubricant designed to enhance, deepen and revive female sexual pleasure. Made from organic coconut oil and cocoa butter blended with a Cannabis extract, Bliss was created for the benefit
and well-being of all women.
Whether you want to rekindle your passion, or just heighten and intensify your sensations, the therapeutic and aphrodisiac properties of Bliss will get you there.


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