In A Rut? Try Cannabis to Kick Start Your Sex-Drive

“Women are choosing to use cannabis for sex to get more in touch with their partners, but more importantly, in touch with themselves.  As people become more familiar with cannabis and its effects, I'm seeing more and more women using it to heal their own trauma and reclaim their power over their own sexuality.” Tabitha Fritz, Bast (a female led, cannabis infused product line for women and their gynecological health)


Let’s Talk about Sex

Let’s face it, you don’t have to be in a long term relationship to experience a sex rut. There are times in life where our sexual libido takes a dive, whether it’s stress, routine, or no reason at all. Regardless the reason cannabis is helping women kick start their sex drives and reclaim control over their libido’s and pleasure.

Women have the tendency to treat sexual desire like a magical mystery, it appears and disappears without rhyme or reason. The great thing about incorporating cannabis into sex is that it allows women the ability to feel empowered in their sexual desire and take control of our pleasure. We spoke with Tabitha Fritz, serial entrepreneur and founding member of Bast, about women using cannabis as a way to connect with themselves and their partners.

“Many women are using cannabis as a tool to overcome that repression. They're using cannabis to help them relax, be in the moment, overcome their inhibitions, and be more connected with themselves, and their partner or partners.  Women are using cannabis to get in touch with who they are, and to explore their own sexuality.” said Tabitha over email, “Using the right amount of cannabis really allows you to sink into a space where you can quiet the voices in your head, and focus on all the sensations in the moment--the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual sensations that cannabis brings about, and that a healthy sexual encounter can enhance.  It provides the space to do the healing work that is required in order for many women to take control of their own sexuality.”

The People have Spoken

Over 300 cannabis consumers from around the globe took part in a Sex and Cannabis Survey conducted by Fritz to gain further insight into the connection between the two. The survey was online and participants were recruited from various social media platforms. The anecdotal evidence showed something there has been whispers of in trials - that cannabis can improve sexual experiences in women.

The survey resoundingly supported that cannabis can help with sex:

  • 81% have used cannabis to enhance a sexual experience

  • 66% said cannabis made the experience more enjoyable

  • 46% had much stronger orgasms than usual, and 37% had somewhat stronger orgasms

  • 42% were more likely to orgasm

  • 53% had an increase in sexual libido or desire to engage in sexual activity

  • 46% were able to connect more deeply with their partner

  • 48% were able to connect more deeply to themselves

How to enjoy Cannabis and Sex

There are many options when it comes to incorporating cannabis in to your sex life, both for solo and partner activities. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a simple and straightforward blunt shared between two consenting adults - no muss, no fuss - but these products will take your experience to the next level.

Cannabis Lube - There are a number of infused lubricants on the market, such as Bast, that remain in limbo from legalization. Bast Silk cannabis infused lube works with your natural endocannabinoid system and is condom compatible. If you would rather make your own, we got you, check out our recipe for homemade cannabis lubricant. Cannabis lube is great for couple play or self stimulation, it can be particularly helpful for women who experience pain during intercourse.

Infused Sensual Oils -  We love the hemp-seed infused massage oil from High on Love! Made of natural oils, vitamins, and high quality hemp seed oil the smell alone will put you in the mood. Enjoying a sensual massage with your partner will definitely get your engine purring in no time.

Vaginal Suppositories - Suppositories are not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about sex but they are a powerfully concentrated way to experience relief and excitement. There are endocannabinoid receptors in the genitals and uterus that make suppositories an effective treatment for pain and inflammation that can take you out of the moment, allowing you to be more present and potentially strengthen orgasms. If you live in CO or CA, check out Foria’s relief suppositories, or if you are in Canada, you’ll have to wait until December 2019 to access these products legally.

Whether you are engaging in masturbation or couple play, cannabis is a great way to take control of your sex drive and pave the way to better orgasms.