I'm High on Love and Also This Bath Oil

This post was supported by High On Love in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are the reviewer’s own.

Last week we published an interview with our latest Lady Boss Shero Angela Mustone, the woman behind High On Love, a line of infused sensual oils, lubricants and body paints.


I got a bottle of the Sensual Bath Oil (100 mg THC and 50 mg CBD per 100 ml) which is scented lightly with lavender and honey and I speed walked myself straight to my tub and practically dove in.

What I Thought

I have to say that I really enjoyed this bath oil. I am a bathtub aficionado of sorts… Or at least a massive fan of soaking in very hot water and pretending to be a mermaid and this oil was a welcome addition to my bathing routine. It smelled lovely - but was subtle and not all chemical-y. That’s a major bonus for me! It didn’t leave a film on my skin or the tub… IMO there is nothing worse than relaxing all your cares away in a bath then having to scrub the tub when you’re finished. What a let down, but not with this stuff!

Body High

Thanks to the inclusion of CBD and THC, this bath oil helped relieve my tense calf muscles (new shoes - you know how it is) and some light cramping I was experiencing in the week before my menstrual cycle began. Before you ask - did you get a body high? - I have to stop and explain that that’s not how topicals and bath products infused with cannabis work.

In general when you apply an infused product to your skin it doesn’t penetrate the bloodstream so you won’t feel that familiar high feeling that you would expect when you smoke or vape. The good news though, your limbs and muscles will likely feel relaxed and heads up - this would be a great opportunity for a deep massage, hint hint to my partner ;).

My plans this weekend (and pretty much every weekend going forward) include drawing a bath, dropping a few drops of High on Love’s bath oil into it and inviting my partner to soak with me.