If You Were A Terpene, Which Terpene Would You Be?

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To learn more about terpenes, checkout The Her(B) Life Vol 02. In this issue Alexander Samuelsson describes what, exactly terpenes are and how they can affect us.

Terpenes are utilized in many industries and applications, including flavouring, solvents, cleaning agents, and insecticides, which are widely studied. Some may cringe at the thought of the same chemicals in cannabis being used as cleaning agents, but this simply speaks to the versatility in naturally-occurring chemicals in plants that can be useful in many applications. Terpenes are used by plants as both a defense mechanism and to attract insects — the Venus Fly Trap is a good example of a carnivorous plant using fragrances including terpenes to attract insects for food.
— Excerpt from Terpenes, from Flora to Euphoria written by Alexzander ('Alex the Chemist') Samuelsson for The Her(B) Life Vol 02
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