How to Use the 7 Laws of Attraction to Get What You Desire

Today we hear a lot about manifestation and people using it as a tool to grow and enhance their lives. By being more aware and conscious of Spirituality and the ancient tools we have been given, we can see enormous personal and emotional growth! But for those who may not know much about spirituality or consciousness how do you manifest?

Well the good news is, you don’t need to know any crazy secrets, we all have this innate power within us, it’s just a matter of tapping into it. The 7 Laws of Attraction are a great place to begin. By dedicating a little love and time towards your desires and by practicing positive thinking, you can further your alignment with your life path and the Universe.

Before you dive into these laws, a few things I recommend is to check in with yourself, your gut and the Universe to make sure this desire is pure, wholesome, and for the good of everyone involved. The 7 Laws, uses intense and deliberate energy to attract positivity, love, growth, security and stability into your life. Manifestation should not be used negatively or fearfully. Second, ALWAYS believe in yourself and in whatever you’re manifesting. Always believe it can happen, and act as if it already has.

The greatest set back you face is yourself and your mind. So make it easier on yourself by never doubting the desire you are manifesting.

Intense Desire

Know what you desire…

This first step is the building block and the structure of the 7 Laws. You must not only intensely desire what you are after, but you must also know exactly what you desire.

What is it you want? What is your desired end feeling or action? They say be careful what you wish for, so just make sure what you are desiring is clear and on point.

Then, you have to want it, want it bad! Intense desire is exactly that, intense. One of the most common ways I start this step is by checking in with myself and ensuring what I want is truly what I want. I think about it and then I write. I describe what it is I want and why I desire it. Then after I feel good about my intense desire, I keep my notebook out and move on to the second law.

Imagination and Conceptualization

See what you desire…

While the first step is crucial and the building block for the laws, the second is equally as important for you to move on and successfully manifest. Imagination and Conceptualization is possibly one of my favorite parts of the 7 Laws and one that I put a lot of energy into.

After moving on from Law 1, I like to pause from writing and close my eyes to visualize and imagine what it will be like when this thing manifests. If it’s something that is physical I like to visualize that and myself with it/doing that thing and how I am feeling now that it is here. If it’s not physical then I like to imagine what the situation will be and how I feel.

I think it is important to visualize and imagine the positive feelings you will have once this manifests.

I then go back to the notebook and write out (or draw if you’d like!) the same things you just imagined. How this came to be and the situation that manifested this into reality, how you feel while it’s being manifested, and how you feel after you receive this. In my experience it helps to be very descriptive and detailed while using your imagination.


Support what you desire

Affirmation when used correctly is to fully believe a positive statement. People use these for a plethora of reasons, and one way I like to do mine is by repeating daily affirmations to myself in the mornings. Ideally, these should be repeated in a quiet space with concentration, but I do mine on my way to work everyday. Anywhere you can quiet your mind, concentrate and fully focus on your affirmation is great.

To practice I like to say my affirmation out loud a few times then silently in my head. The key is to repeat it over and over, carrying its meaning down into the subconscious. There are many ways people practice their affirmations and really it’s about finding what works best for you. If you want to look into using positive affirmations outside of the 7 Laws of Attraction I highly recommend it. Here’s one of my favorites.

Focus and Confidence

Focus your desire…

This step is when you hone it all in and really focus on the previous steps and on that thing manifesting itself. You must exude confidence at this step, you KNOW you are getting this, you’ve manifested it into reality and you’re confident everything will play out as the Universe has planned. Focus deeply on your desire and be confident that is on its way.

Profound Belief

Believe your desire…

You have already affirmed your desire and know it to be true, so just continue to believe that your desire is almost here. You must sincerely believe and have faith in order for this desire to manifest into your life. So keep it up, keep believing - an even more powerful technique is to believe that your desire has already been manifested and is a part of your reality.


Be thankful…

The attitude of gratitude is important. Being thankful in advance can be a very powerful tool to helping you manifest your desire. The most important thing to remember with this law though, is that you must keep this gratitude up. Even after you have manifested your desire, it is crucial to stay thankful and grateful for what the Universe has brought to you.



You have accomplished all of the steps to lead you to this space of manifestation and seeing your desires become reality. This is where your desires are fabricated by the Universe and passed on to you for your life journey. Once you have made it here, it’s good to go back to step 6 and thank the Universe for all she has provided.

Now you’ve learned about the 7 Laws of Attraction, their purpose, and how to implement this into your life, I recommend getting out there and trying it! And if you are having a hard time, one of my favorite tools to use for Spirituality and to put me in the right mindset, is cannabis. There’s nothing more euphoric and spiritual to me than a good cerebral high. I personally chose a more cirtusy sativa when I am working on my Spirituality, but whatever cultivar you find makes you feel the most euphoric, will work wonders.

So go manifest your best life babe, you’ve got this!