How to Take Full Advantage of Camping with Cannabis

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The fresh breeze carrying bird song through the air, the floral fragrance all around, and the soothing feeling of grass under your feet – is there anything more wonderful than spending time in nature on a camping trip, far, far away from all things civilized? Yup – bringing your favorite flower with you on this journey. Cannabis, when a part of your regular lifestyle, has the power to give that extra layer of Zen to all of your experiences. Novice cannabis lovers, on the other hand, might feel reluctant to bring and introduce cannabis to their nature explorations.

Actually, this plant can make your camping trip all the more enjoyable and fun. If you’re not certain how you can and should add cannabis to your camping itinerary, and how it can help you relax even more – let’s go over a few top tips to make the most of this wonderful plant to elevate your camping experience!

Bring out your artsy self

Eager to truly go above and beyond in your creative expression? Then by all means, a trip to the wilderness paired with the right cannabis strain can truly serve this very purpose. Cannabis has been used for years to help creative minds find their favorite outlets, and you can use it to simply unlock your mind and focus on the right sensations that inspire creativity. Whether you’re into photography or you’re ready to carry your painting gear with you atop of a mountain, rest assured cannabis will make it all the more vibrant.

Strains that contain plenty of Sativa are often a favorite choice for artistic folk, so, if you’re familiar with the effects of this strain, you can safely introduce it to your outdoor adventures. If your mind prefers hybrids, then you’re in luck: many will give you a perfect balance of buzz and focus so that you can get artsy to your heart’s content.

Stargazing with your favorite strain

As if watching the stars and pondering about life isn’t trippy and astounding enough, you can take your evening activities to a new level with the right strain of cannabis at hand. You can relax in one of the comfortable Sea to Summit sleeping bags that will keep you warm no matter where you find yourself, and brace yourself for a night of absolute mind-boggling beauty.

In this scenario, perhaps a powerful Indica makes more sense. These incredibly relaxing strains are known for their ability to help you reach your absolute Zen, making them a perfect pick for evening sessions of philosophy just before you fall asleep looking for the next falling star.

Enjoy the munchies in the outdoors

It’s unbelievable how the right amount and the right strain of cannabis can give you the urge to devour your entire stash of snacks and sweets. Can you imagine how delicious your campfire marshmallows will be with cannabis in the picture? No, you cannot. However, rest assured that you’ll find yourself enjoying your camping meals more than you could have ever dreamed of.

Bring on the munchies with cannabis during your camping trip, and even an ordinary canned tuna will turn into a feast. THC is known to boost the feeling of hunger, and not to mention the feel-good hormones rushing through your system when you’re enjoying your favorite flower. Make sure you’ve packed enough food to keep you going and to prevent you from munching on the nearby bush – that will not be any tastier, no matter how good your marijuana may be.

Try this recipe for super stony s’mores!

Choose the right spot

Even if you’re lucky enough to reside in a country where cannabis is fully legalized in many of its shapes and forms, there are still certain restrictions that apply and other things to take into consideration before you go on your camping trip. For example, various natural reserves such as national parks and protected zones do not permit smoking on the grounds – and rightfully so.

To make sure your cannabis doesn’t go to waste, always check with your government where you can find an all-clear zone to enjoy your smokes or edibles, whichever makes more sense to you. Also, always bring a companion with you, especially if you’re new to the practice, just to make sure you’re doing everything in a safe manner. After all, this is your time to relax and have fun!


Camping with cannabis is a wonderful practice that’s becoming more popular across the world. Always make sure to bring the strains that suit you best, and infuse your trip with the buzz of a lifetime!