How to Review Cannabis Strains

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There are countless varieties of Cannabis or Marijuana available to try. When reviewing strains; consistency is key. Determine what categories to use, 4 or 5 relative points for each review. Below are the most common points to consider before getting started.



Start with the appearance, is it light green or dark green? Does it have ample Trichomes, which are crystal-like hairs on the outside of the bud? Rate the overall nugget structure, is it dense or is it airy in structure? What is the quality of the trim, are there leaves and sticks present? Is it sticky? And so on.


Judging the aroma varies for each individual. There are over 100 different types of Terpenes found in Cannabis. It will help a great deal if you familiarize yourself with the more common Terpenes. These are responsible for the smell and flavor of the Cannabis.

Some to look for include:


Alpha-Pinene, Beta-Pinene. Aroma: Pine

Limonene. Aroma: Citrus

Linalool. Aroma: Floral

Myrcene. Aroma: Musky


Rating what effects the strain has on your body is the most important. You may need to sample the strain more than once before giving your final conclusion. There are many variables to consider. One factor is the strain type, whether you’re consuming ‘Indica’ or ‘Sativa.’ Another one is your own tolerance level because everyone is different.



Flavour is determined when smoked or vaped and can be compared to the aroma. Try to determine the specific tastes in the Cannabis when inhaling and exhaling. Is the smoke harsh in any way? Is there any after taste and what is it like?

Bonus Points: Packaging

For advanced reviews consider rating the packaging: is it convenient for transporting, is it environmentally friendly, or eye-catching? Is there enough information on the label?

I recommend starting a spreadsheet or database with all these details, to keep your work well organized. But most importantly, have fun experimenting and sharing your experience with others.



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