How Cannabis Can Boost Your Running Performance

Ever since people started using cannabis, its effects were always connected to being lazy, too high to focus or even move. The lazy stoner stigma has been around forever, and you might not even think about smoking a joint right before going for a run. But, science has managed to bust that myth and stigma around cannabis, and it even encourages you to try going for a run high. Many athletes have been using this herb to enhance their performance, no matter what sport they do, so why not give it a shot. Whether you are a professional runner, or you simply like the occasional jog, you should know how cannabis can boost your performance.

It relieves your pain

Running is sometimes hard, especially if you get sore muscles every few days. However, cannabis may help you with that. Its pain-relieving properties will ease the strain on your body and it will even make you train harder. Since there is no pain for your brain to focus on, you can clearly focus on running faster and covering longer distances. What is more, besides relieving pain in sore muscles it helps reduce pain in sport-related injuries and help you with the recovery.

Helps with recovery

Speaking of recovery, CBD or cannabidiol helps you with recovery after working out. As already mentioned, it can help your muscles destress and become less strained, which reduces inflammation and soreness. Also, it helps manage dehydration from strenuous training and simply refreshes your whole body. Not to mention how CBD oil can sometimes work better on your injuries than common over-the-counter drugs.

It gives you clarity and focus

If you want to boost your running speed or overall performance, you will have to know how to focus better. Sometimes, that can be hard, since our minds tend to get distracted easily, but with cannabis on your side, this becomes easier. Besides CBD that enhances your performance, there is also THC, a psychoactive substance, that can create more drive and focus. If you’ve ever heard of anecdotal evidence that cannabis can increase your sensory awareness, this is it. When all of your senses are focused, it becomes easier for you to focus on achieving your goal. That might be the distance or time run for that day, and cannabis will help you achieve it. It will get you into the zone and give you that fearlessness that is necessary for being persistent.

It gives you the extra distance

It’s not only a joint that will help boost your running performance. There are also edibles, but you have to remember to eat those that are low in dose. Otherwise, it can hit you mid-run and get you too stoned, because they take a bit more time to start “working”. So, if you’re up for a training, you can take an edible that has from 5 to 15mg of THC, and you will get a great boost for your running. Plus, they will help you run further, so if you want to start increasing your miles, this is how you can start doing it since that boost will help you pick up the pace.

It improves your sleep

Everyone knows that any kind of training requires quality sleep each night in order for your body to be well-rested and ready for running every day. On the other hand, running can keep your mind racing for hours and keep your muscles so sore that you’re unable to sleep. A helping hand in such situations can be a bit of indica which will soothe you and let you drift off into slumber. Cannabis, especially the indica cultivars are known for their relaxing effects, so every time you need a good night sleep, make sure to smoke indica varieties such as Northern Light or ICE. They will relax you, put you to sleep and in the morning you will be ready to start fresh.

It boosts your runner’s high

If you’re a runner, you are probably familiar with a sensation called a ‘runner’s high’. This happens when endorphins flood and enter your bloodstream, making running feel much easier and less painful. Cannabis high feels exactly the same, and for a good reason. Cannabis also lets endorphins flow and enter your bloodstream, thus making everything easier and a lot less stressful. A runner’s high and cannabis high are very closely related, just because they are both a result of the process within the endocannabinoid system. So, taking a bite of edibles or smoking a joint before your running session or even a marathon will instantly cause a runner’s high on two levels and it will make the race much easier and you will feel almost no pain. Plus, you’re going to have so much fun.

As you can see, science has managed to beat that stigma around cannabis, and it’s no wonder that many countries are lifting the ban on it and making it legal. So, if you need that little extra boost, you can rely on good old marihuana.


Claire Morgan is a marketing consultant and lecturer who, thanks to her integrated approach to business,  stands behind many digital strategies of renowned brands. She enjoys travelling and passionately blogs about the latest marketing and lifestyle trends.