Homemade Cannabis Ice Cream - Just in Time for Labour Day

Our simple, yet delicious, homemade Labour Day ice cream recipe is the perfect finale to a long weekend picnic or adult get together. The sweet and earthy flavours elevate the average ice cream into an infused sweet tooth dream. No ice cream machine required!


Cannabis Cream Instructions:

  1. Combine heavy cream and cannabis in a medium saucepan 

  2. Bring to a soft boil, simmer over low heat for a minimum of one hour

  3. Strain mixture through cheesecloth into a mixing bowl, removing ground cannabis (repeat if necessary)

  4. Use right away in ice cream recipe, or refrigerate until use

  5. Recipe should yield 1.5 cups finished cannabis cream, if there is too much evaporation you can add more cream for recipe below

Ice Cream Instructions:

  1. Whip cream with blender until stiff peaks form

  2. In a separate bowl whip eggs and sugar until frothy and combine with cannabis cream. Important -  if cannabis cream is still hot make sure to temper the eggs with the cream to avoid cooking

  3. Combine honey, vanilla, and salt into the mixture of eggs, sugar and cannabis cream

  4. Slowly fold mixture into the whipped cream, incorporating fully

  5. Optional: add in some dark chocolate chunks and sour cherries to add an extra level of decadence 

  6. Place in covered container and freeze overnight, or a minimum of 6 hours

Cannabis Cream Ingredients:

2 cups heavy cream

5-10 grams decarbed cannabis, finely ground

Ice Cream Ingredients:

2 cups whipping cream

3 large eggs

½ cup sugar

3 tbsp honey

2 tbsp vanilla extract

½ tsp salt