We Review the Infused Massage Oil from High On Love

This post was supported by High On Love in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are the reviewer’s own.

As countries around the world change their regulations around cannabis so do people’s perception and how they use this plant in their everyday lives. 

This is prevalent when it comes to women and cannabis who are learning and experimenting with many forms of the plant from inhalation to edibles, topicals and an ever increasing openness about their sexuality and how cannabis infused products benefit them in the bedroom, or wherever they choose to get it on.

Image via highonlove.ca

Image via highonlove.ca

We recently interviewed Creator and Founder of High on Love Angela Mustone, who is unapologetic about her openness and love for women, their sexual pleasure and desire to create a product that caters to that aspect of their lives. It’s no secret that we, as women, are biologically complicated when it comes to our anatomy and every women has different needs or faces different challenges in this area, so companies who recognize this and are looking to create products that improve a women’s experience’s are ahead of the game. 

Hemp Seed Infused Massage Oil

When we first started working with Angela I knew I wanted to try some of her products and I was overjoyed to see she had sent over the massage oil as I’m a sucker for a good body oil, especially if it leaves my skin feeling soft and nourished.

While the massage oil is advertised for intimacy they also suggest it can be used to melt away pain, relax the mind and body, stimulate circulation and increase energy flow. It’s made with all-natural almond oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil and vitamins all infused with pharmaceutical-grade cannabis which sounded right up my alley, especially after a long day of work when my muscles get tensed up.

First Impressions

First I noticed High on Loves packaging. A beautiful balance of a blush pink with champagne accents, both colours were possibilities for my wedding so I was personally attracted to it. 

The material of the box was a higher quality than you would see from most and it reminded me of a product you would see in shops like Sephora. The subtle cannabis leaf on the side was a nice touch as well. The bottle inside was pretty standard with a twist off cap but they continue with the colour scheme so it was still visually appealing.

The Smell Test

My first step when getting a new product like this is the smell test, like when you open a new bottle of wine and inhale to get the senses going and let me tell you… This is hands down one of the best smelling oils I have come across. It’s scent is Lychee Martini and I was blown away by how great it smelled. My first thought was there was no way this is an all natural product, it had be artificially enhanced to achieve that kind of smell but to my delight it’s not.

I want to compare it to that amazing fruity smell of Hubba-Bubba or those smelly markers that you never actually coloured with as a kid because all you ended up doing was smell them all day. 

To give you an idea of how amazing it smelled, I was with a group of friends shortly after receiving the product and by chance had it with me in my car. When one of my closest guy friends found it he opened it and based only on smell he begged me to give it to him, obviously wanting to use it for his bedroom encounters with his lady friends. For a man’s man like him to rave so highly about how great it smelled spoke volumes to me (and he’s now the proud new owner of the bottle - you’re welcome buddy)

Muscle Rub Test

Since my goal was to relax my body and relieve stress from my work day, I started this process after my regular nightly routine just before settling into bed.

I followed the instructions and applied a small amount into the palm of my hand and rubbed them together to increase the temperature of the oil and proceeded to apply it to the areas that I carry the most tension, first my shoulders and neck, then I moved on to the rest of my body.

Instantly I was surrounded by the smell of the oil which woke my senses suggesting this would also be a good product to use in the morning after a shower as I could see it waking you up and getting you ready for the day. A day in which you’d smell delicious and turn heads, I’m sure of it.

I tried not to think about the effects of the product as I’ve found that can alter the actual outcome so I read a few pages of my book to distract me. After about 15 minutes I took a moment to see how I felt, and while I was more relaxed and didn’t carry as much tension, I did not feel a major body high (which I didn’t expect - this product is infused with Hemp seed oil so contains little to no THC - plus topicals don’t really work that way :))nor was the soreness completely gone. The oil had also not completely absorbed into my skin as I was hoping it would have but if you were to use this when giving a massage to your partner that would be beneficial.

While I do believe the massage oil helped me achieve my pain relief goals I don’t believe it was solely responsible for my body and mind feeling relaxed as the other aspects of my nightly routine assisted with this and I do wish it had helped a little more with relieving the tension in my neck and shoulders. If this oil had been used while getting a massage I think I would have had a better outcome. 

Overall Impression

All in all, it’s one of the better products on the market when it comes to body oils and I can see why couples would love to have this in the bedroom for those nights or days when they want to pamper each other. The smell alone is an aphrodisiac and would definitely add some excitement to a good romp in the sheets.

Product Details

Created using a blend of premium, all-natural almond oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil and vitamins infused with pure high quality hemp seed oil.

$58 CAD (120 ML BOTTLE)

To get your own collection of High on Love’s products you can find them here.