Here's How Often You Should Really Clean Your Bong

The dirty bong... We've all been there. We've all probably been guilty of using one from time to time but really, theres no excuse for a gross, smelly, bio hazard fugging up your pretty glass piece, ruining your weed's flavour and making you and your friends sick. You deserve better than that babe, and you know it. Let's discuss how often you should be cleaning your bong and how to do it properly. 


Heavy Users (defined as those who use cannabis daily) should really be swapping out old water for new water with each new use or at the minimum be cleaning their pieces every one to two days. As a connoisseur, you will likely be able to taste the difference when you take a moment to care for your water pipe. Old water means your cannabis will have a weird flavour, or worse. Old, stagnant water that's discoloured or smelly is a sure fire sign you need to get cleaning. 

What Is A Biofilm? 

Over time (not much time TBH - 24 hours can sometimes do it), if left uncleaned your water pipe will develop a slick, slimy Biofilm that is not dissimilar to the pinkish sludge that develops in showers after a long stint of not getting scrubbed. Biofilm is made up of microorganisms, mould and bacteria and is 100% NOT something you want to be inhaling. Not only will it adversely affect the taste of your weed but it could potentially lead to lung infections or colds and flus. Yuck.  

It's impossible to tell what, exactly is growing in your dirty bong so best to be safe and just keep it as clean as possible thereby avoiding the swamp water your college roommate left in her bong for weeks on end. 

Easy Solutions

Fret not, you don't need to ruin your high by rolling up your sleeves and scrubbing out your bubbler every time you take a hit. The cleaning process can be as simple as pouring boiled hot water into the piece to help remove resin. Let the steaming water sit in your bong for a bit, then swish it around or use a towel to plug up the top and the down sprout and give it a good shake or two. Once the boiled water has done it's thing you can empty the chamber and allow the piece to air dry before you put it away.

If you see little black specks, the dreaded biofilm, grey, brown or otherwise discoloured water it's time to step up your cleaning routine. One of the best and most effective ways to deep clean your bong is by using salt and isopropyl alcohol (or if you have nail polish remover with acetone handy, you can use that). You're looking to use rock salt, sea salt or any kind of coarse salt as opposed to fine table salt. Start by rinsing out the bong and then add the salt and 70-90% isopropyl alcohol.  You can let it sit a moment if you like, then plug up the openings and give it a few good shakes and swishes, really try to get the salt and alcohol to do their thing and remove all the resin and build up. You can use tools like bottle brushes and Q-Tips here too. Once you've finished, rinse the bong thoroughly with hot water and allow to dry completely before putting it away. 

Now your piece is beautiful and ready for your next session and you never have to worry about ruining great weed with sub par hygiene again.