Her(B) Life Review: Feinx Vaporizer

Size: 111.0mm*28.0mm*58.0mm

$170 CAD

Looking for a new vaporizer? Maybe something fairly robust but still portable and compact? Well, you may want to consider the Weecke Fenix. This vaporizer easily handles dry herb, oil or waxes and has multiple heat settings ranging from 338℉ to 410℉ and 2 Inhale Mode Settings: Enhance and Soft Mode, a 5 minute safety auto shut off and a heating time of 40 seconds. 

We purchased this vaporizer at a local head shop for $170 CAD and it did not disappoint. 

fenix review

For this review my friends and I opted to test it out with dried flower and were pleased with how everything worked. Often times when I try to use a vaporizer I overdo the heating and wind up bringing the herb to the point of combustion anyway but Fenix offers a patented technology called Convection Air Flow which uses 100% hot air only. 

The battery is an LG Class A Lithium Battery and charges through a Micro USB charging port pretty quickly, like within a couple of hours it was good to go. 

Included in the box is:

  • The Fenix Convection Vaporizer
  • Mouthpiece
  • Wax and Oil Cup
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Wax Tool
  • USB Charger
  • Screens and Silicone Rings

When reading about the Fenix, I was impressed at it's efficiency. When you inhale through the mouthpiece it pulls the hot air through the chamber and out through the hundreds of small holes creating an even distribution of hot air that is not lost between draws. The flavour is full and tasty and at no point did anything taste burnt. 

I appreciated the clear battery indicator which uses colour to let you know how much juice is left. For example: Green light means the battery is charged 100%-60%, Orange light means there is 60% - 20% charge left and red means 20% or less.  

fenix vaporizer
fenix mouthpiece

Operating the Fenix was pretty straight forward, my friends and I only ran into one snag when we mistakenly put the herb into the removable magnetic mouthpiece instead of the chamber. We had a moment of disappointment in the product until one of us turned over the instruction booklet to revel simple IKEA style instructions illustrating where to put the flower (What can I say, stoners sometimes do things a little differently ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). Once we realized our mistake we were off and running! 

fenix review herb life

The herb wasn't a crispy brown when we were done either, it was a light brown, with no indication of burning - plus, not once did we feel the need to shake or stir the chamber. It really does offer a clean, even burn. 

Cleaning the unit was simple and the whole thing packed up nice and neat making it a super choice for mobility and on the go dosing. I liked this unit and even though $170 might seem a bit steep I think it was worth the price and I'm generally happy with my experience. 



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