What's In Your Pipe @muh_riah

Our friend Leighana Martindale is back again with another round of What’s in your Pipe? This time she spoke to Oregon cannabis photographer Mariah.

Image via  Instagram  @muh_riah

Image via Instagram @muh_riah

Name: Mariah

Instagram: @muh_riah

Cannabis Photographer & Creative


Favorite Strains?

Wake & Bake: Lemon Haze

Mid-day Delight: Sativa-Dominant Hybrids

Midnight Toker: Obama Kush


What’s been your main strain of choice?

“Lately it’s been a lot of Lemon Haze which keeps me productive/stress free throughout the day and it tastes like citrus!”

What is your all time favorite?

“My most favorite strain is Obama Kush, which I try to only smoke at night because it knocks me out.”

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