Growing Cannabis At Home with Blue Sky Organics - How To Germinate Seeds

2019 is the first year that all Canadian households will be able to legally grow up to four plants without needing a special medical designation, note: some municipalities will have additional bylaws you need to familiarize yourself with, additionally if you live in a condo or strata you may not be able to grow cannabis.

Our friends at Blue Sky Organics have developed a series of videos to help explain how to grow your own cannabis successfully at home. We enjoyed these videos so much that we wanted to share them with you too!

There are several milestones involved in growing plants and we’ll share all the videos in the series covering germination, vegetative stage, transitional stage, flowering and finally harvest. Look for a new one each week on The Her(B) Life!

If you’re planning to grow outdoors, you’ll want to wait until the last frost to put your seedlings in the ground so now is good time to get seeds germinated indoors!

Germinating Seeds

Germination is the process of waking your seed so they sprout. It will grow a small white tail in the soil until it pops out of the soil and begins it’s life as a plant. In order to germinate your seeds successfully you’ll need a humidity dome, a small plant pot, a bag of blue sky super soil and a florescent grow light meant for vegetables. A digital thermometer that shows humidity will also come in handy at this point but is essential as your plant grows and moves into your grow room (if you’re going to grow indoors) so you might as well grab one now.

For the easiest complete organic grow system make sure you pick up the Bluesky Organics Craft Kit here before starting:

Important Legal Information:

You must be 19-years or older in Canada or 21-years or older in the USA to grow at home. We don’t include or sell seeds with the kit we recommend.