From the Cannabis Life Conference: Jayda's Story

Vanishing White Matter Disease   Image via

Vanishing White Matter Disease 

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Craig Ex, Expert Joints, met Jayda outside of the Westin Bayshore on Saturday at the Cannabis Life Conference, where she was selling lemonade to raise money for the treatment of her rare brain disease known as Vanishing White Matter Disease (according to her gofundme page, there are about 200 documented cases worldwide, but no cure and life expectancy is 2-10 years for someone with it). Her brother suggested cannabis might help with her treatment & suggested Jayda and her mom, Linda, check out the Cannabis Life Conference to gather information regarding possible treatment options using cannabis. Shortly after setting up their lemonade stand, word about Jayda’s story spread, and conference emcee Craig Ex, Expert Joints, went outside to introduce himself.

After learning more about Jayda’s battle, Craig invited Jayda and Linda to speak on stage at the Cannabis Life Conference, in front of a room full of attendees (and to the world via the live stream on @CannaLifeNet) This also gave them the chance to connect with medical experts on-site to answer their questions. Jayda came on stage and shared her story, and while she spoke a donation cup was passed around the audience. 

Jayda and Linda connected with multiple medical professionals and industry experts at the conference who have offered consultations and products for Jayda at no charge (Mara Gordon from Aunt Zelda's, Inc., Green Island Naturals, MediGreen, Top Leaf Canada, Canna Kids & The Medical Cannabis Dispensary).

$1600 cash was collected on the floor from generous conference attendees, speakers, and exhibitors. Cambridge House International, the conference producers, then matched this amount as did Top Leaf Canada bringing the total to $6400!  The donations will go towards Jayda’streatment and ongoing care, as well as a new car (The air conditioning in their old car doesn't work and Jayda struggles with heat). The Medical Cannabis Society Dispensary are also treating Jayda and her family to a night in a hotel with a pool (a wish of Jayda’s), complete with a limo ride. Jayda’s mom Linda said, “for the first time, I feel there is hope and someone has listened".

Jayda’s goal is to raise 2.3 million dollars for research regarding her illness. 

Check out the video from Cannabis Life Conference to hear more of Jayda’s story. 

Donations can be made to Jayda’s GoFundMe page:

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